Doğan: Hilvan is DEM, DEM is Hilvan!

DEM Party Spokesperson Ayşegül Doğan spoke ahead of the re-run of the elections in Hilvan and said: "We will win once again on 2 June. Hilvan is DEM, DEM is Hilvan."

The People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) started its electoral campaign in Hilvan (Curnê Reş), where a re-run of the local elections will be done on 2 June.

The DEM Party opened a new election office in the district. Party’s spokesperson, Ayşegül Doğan, together with DEM Party MPs Ömer Öcalan, Heval Bozdağ, Sümeyye Boz, Yılmaz Hun, Hilvan municipality co-mayor candidates Serhan Paydaş and Garip Yeşil, as well as thousands of people attended the first public meeting of the campaign.

The co-mayor candidates said that they had already won on 31 March, and they will win again on 2 June. DEM Urfa Provincial co-chair Bekir Karakeçili greeted the people and commemorated those who lost their lives in the struggle for democracy in Hilvan.

'We will defend our will on 2 June'

DEM Party Urfa MP Ömer Öcalan said that the people of Hilvan are not alone and addressed those who didn’t vote for DEM, saying: “Put your hands on your conscience. The DEM Party won. Remember this when you go to the polls on 2 June and vote for the DEM Party. We will not forget what happened on 31 March, we will defend our will on 2 June."

Party Spokesperson Ayşegül Doğan said that the people in Hilvan made their decision on 31 March and added: "We will win once again on 2 June. Hilvan DEM is DEM Hilvan. We will work day and night for this."

'We will canvas door to door'

Doğan said: "Hilvan is our first municipality. A trustee was appointed to this municipality, which we won in 1979, after the coup. We do not oppress anyone. We do not oppress anyone, and we do not want anyone to oppress us. On 31 March, they got few votes, they lost, they burned the ballot boxes. We won, you won. We got 521 more votes, but it is not enough for us. From now on, we will canvas door to door and tell everyone about our idea of municipality. We do not discriminate between anyone. Everyone is on our side with their own colors. Our first three female friends became municipal council members here."

'Everyone should see this unlawfulness and vote'

Ayşegül Doğan continued: "Everyone's eyes are here. They are waiting to see how the truth, law and justice will be fulfilled. Congratulations on your victory in advance. We want to remind everyone of the injustice and lawlessness that we are subjected to. Tell everyonw that the will of the people is above everything. Call everyone who is in your phonebook and tell them to stand up for their will. We are coming for a democratic society. We will not allow our will to be usurped."

Why new elections?

On 31 March, DEM Party municipal co-mayor candidates Serhan Paydaş and Garip Yeşil won the municipal government with a difference of 521 votes. On the election evening, the ballot papers belonging to ballot boxes numbered 1119 and 1120 were burned by a group of 50 people, including Mustafa Bayık, the nephew of AKP candidate Ali Aslan Bayık. Evaluating the objections of AKP members, the Supreme Election Board decided to re-run the elections on 2 June.