Egîd Serdar, a brave warrior like his name

Martyr Egîd Serdar, who left behind a historic legacy resistance like thousands of heroes of Kurdistan, took part in the actions carried out in many areas of Zap and dealt heavy blows to the enemy.


Guerrilla Egîd Serdar (Diyar Mardînî) was born in Hesekê, Rojava. He grew up in a family with martyrs who fell in the struggle for freedom, a family committed to Kurdish culture and patriotic values.  After the Rojava Revolution, Egîd, who saw the heroism during the war and the great sacrifices made by the people, wanted to join the ranks of the struggle at an early age, but this request was not deemed appropriate by the movement due to his young age. But his desire and insistence to take part in the revolution always continued. Now it was time to become a fighter, to be a pioneer, to fight for a free life. Like every Kurdish youngster, he considered it an honour to uphold the culture of resistance and the values of the revolution.

After the Turkish state and the gangs it supported occupied Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê, he joined the guerrilla ranks in 2020 with a great desire for revenge. With the ambition to become a guerrilla and fulfil his childhood dreams, he moved step by step towards the mountains of Kurdistan. The guerrilla Egîd received his basic training in the Garê region and became especially competent in tunnel and mobile team combat style. The guerrilla Egîd was impressed by the heroism in the Zap region and insistently suggested going there. Following the approval of his request, he moved to the Kûnîşka area and joined the mobile guerrilla units. He developed his guerrilla experience there and fought in the front positions to deal heavy blows to the enemy.

The fact that guerrilla Egîd fought in an area like Zap and led the struggle was of great importance to him. In particular, the comradeship relations in the Zap area affected him deeply. The guerrilla Egîd, who was always at the forefront in the actions carried out in many areas of Zap, fulfill his duties and responsibilities with great devotion as a young future commander. Working in the most challenging areas, Egîd Serdar became a pioneering militant with his courage, morale, enthusiasm and determination.

Fighting against the enemy shoulder to shoulder with his comrades in every situation, the guerrilla Egid gained the respect and love of his comrades. The guerrilla Egîd, who waged a great struggle during his time in Zap, was martyred together with his comrade Mahir Başkale (Deniz Ersu) on 1 August 2023 as a result of the attacks of the Turkish state. Like thousands of heroes of Kurdistan, the martyr Egîd leaves behind a historic legacy of resistance. This sacred struggle in which they fell will continue and thousands of Egîd will follow in their footsteps.

* Egîd means “brave” in Kurdish.