Entrance to Cûdî and Gabar banned for 15 days

The Şirnak governor announced that the Gabar and Cûdî Mountain regions were declared a "Special Security Zone" for 15 days.

The Şırnak (Şirnex) governor announced that the Cûdî and Gabar Mountains regions have been declared a "Special Security Zone" for 15 days.

Gabar Mountain is located in the rural areas of Şirnak center and Basa (Güçlükonak) district. Cûdî Mountain is located on the borders of Şirnak center and Silopi (Silopiya) and Cizre (Cizîr) districts.

The statement made by the governor said that the ban would continue from 10 to 24 April.

Both regions have been banned for years for "operation and security" reasons.