Factory set on fire to protest the isolation of Öcalan

The Revolutionary Youth Movement claimed responsibility for a fire which burned down a factory in Istanbul.

The Revolutionary Youth Movement (Devrimci Gençlik Hareketi - DGH) Coordination confirmed that a factory in Istanbul's Hadımköy district was set on fire in the context of the ’Serî Hilde‘ Initiative launched to demand the end of the isolation regime imposed on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The DGH said the factory was completely burned.

In its statement claiming responsibility for the action, the DGH said:

“On November 28, at 9.45 pm hours, a shoe factory located on Hadımköy road in Arnavutköy, district of Istabul, was set on fire by our units.

As a result of the fire, this factory has been completely destroyed.

As long as the AKP-MHP fascism continues to impose the isolation regime on we will continue our actions, widening our feeling of revenge. We will make the world hear this until Leader Apo is free.

In this great war, we call upon all the brave Kurdistan youth to join the war against fascism and to struggle to ensure the physical freedom of Önder Apo, with the fighting spirit and dynamics of youth, and to turn every place into a battlefield to fight isolation.”