Father of Cemile, murdered by state forces in Cizre, jailed

Father of Cemile, who was murdered by state forces in Cizre and whose dead body was kept in a fridge due to denial of burial, has been imprisoned.

Out of the 30 people, who had been taken into custody during simultaneous house raids in Şırnak’s Cizre district on 5 July, 4 have been jailed.

Those imprisoned in the mentioned political genocide operation include Ramazan Çağırga, father of 10 years old Cemile who was murdered by state forces and whose body was kept in fridge for days due to denial of burial during the genocidal attacks of the state amid a curfew on 4 September 2015.

Besides Çağırga, Veysi Durgut, who was an MP candidate for Manisa province in June 24 elections, and two other people were remanded in custody for “membership to a terrorist organization” and sent to Şırnak T Type Closed Prison.