Five arrested as KDP’s Asayish attacks hunger strikers in Hewler

Asayish forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Hewler, for the second time in a week, raided the tent of the hunger strike action in front of the UN’s office. Five students who visited the hunger strikers, were arrested by the Asayish.

Today at 13:30, the KDP’s Asayish forces attacked the activists on hunger strike in front of the United Nations’ office in Hewler. The Asayish forces removed the tent and confiscated properties.

Five students who visited the hunger strikers today, were arrested by the Asayish forces. The names of the arrested students are as follows: Xebat, Egîd, Huseyîn, Orhan and another student.

The hunger strikers are still at their place and determined to continue their action.