Five workers killed in Turkish attack on Shengal named

The names of five workers from Rojava who were killed in the attack carried out by the Turkish state on Shengal on Thursday have been announced.

Five workers from Rojava were killed as the result of an air attack carried out by the Turkish state in the Kora Simoqya region of Shengal on Thursday evening.

The names of the murdered citizens were released late because they were from Rojava.

An unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) belonging to the Turkish state bombed the tents of workers who were drilling water wells in Kora Simoqya on Thursday.

According to the information given to RojNews by the Shengal Autonomous Administration, the five workers were:

Name: Remezan Hamad

Father's Name: Eli

Mother's Name: Xud El-Eli

Year of Birth: 2002


Father's Name: Şahin Eli

Father's Name: Mistefa

Mother's Name: Şemsê

Place and Year of Birth: 1999 Kobanê


Name: Hisên El-Hisên

Father's Name: Mihemed

Mother's Name: Necûd El-Muhamed

Birthplace: Taybe


Name: Ehmed El-Mihemed Elkî

Father's Name: Mehmud

Mother's Name: Amîne

Date and Place of Birth: 2000 Raqqa


Name: Mûnîr El-Bikûr

Father's Name: Eli

Mother's Name: Rûqiye

Birthplace: Raqqa

RojNews was unable to reach a photograph of Mûnîr El-Bikûr.