Four YBŞ martyrs killed in Turkish attack laid to rest

A mass ceremony was held for YBŞ Commander Zerdeşt Şengali and his three comrades who fell martyrs in the air strike carried out by Turkey against the village of Digure, in Sinune (Shengal).

The invading Turkish state carried out an air raid on the village of Digure on Wednesday at around 10.40 am local time.

In the attack, YBŞ commander Zerdeşt Şengali fell martyr together with fighters Hemîd Şengalî, Şervan Cîlo and Êzdîn Şengalî.

The funeral of the 4 fighters was held this morning at Şehid Dilgeş and Şehid Berxwedan cemetery.

Regional tribes and military commanders attended the mass ceremony. Three of the fighters were buried this morning, while the body of one of the YBŞ fighters, Hemid Şengali, was buried Wednesday evening at the request of his family.

The Turkish state has targeted Shengal many times since last year.

On 19 October 2019, planes belonging to the Turkish state bombed the civilian settlements in the Xanesor district of Shengal. Five fighters of the Sengal Defense Corps (YBŞ) were wounded in the attack of unmanned armed aircraft SİHAs on Xanesor on 19 November. One of them later lost his life. On 4 November, Xanesor was bombed and 3 YBŞ fighters were wounded. Turkish fighter planes bombed the Barê region of Şengal 3 times in the evening of 5 November.