Freedom of Leader Öcalan Committee calls for international action against isolation

The Committee for the Freedom of Leader Öcalan stated that the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan is the most important issue for the peoples of the Middle East and called for "breaking the gates of İmralı".


At the Newroz celebration in Qandil, a message was read on behalf of the Committee for the Freedom of Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

"Newroz is the day for the people of Kurdistan to stand up against oppression and tyranny. The Newroz fire instills great enthusiasm and determination to struggle in our people,” said the committee and continued: "The enemy should know well that the Kurdish people are not alone. The Kurdish people are a society with the strongest ideas today. It has armies with the most disciplined and self-sacrificing spirit."

Calling on the international community and the Kurdish people to break the Imrali gates and lift the isolation, the Committee said, "The physical freedom of Leader Öcalan is one of the most important issues for human history, peace and the peoples of the Middle East."