Gerîla TV publishes footage of Martyr Helmet Revolutionary Operation in Zap

Gerîla TV published footage of the Martyr Helmet Revolutionary Operation carried out in Zap on 12 January 2024.

Gerîla TV published a 6.30-minute video of the revolutionary Martyr Helmet Revolutionary Operation. It is estimated that more comprehensive images will be published in the coming days.

HPG Press Center reported that “at least 61 soldiers were killed during the Martyr Helmet Deraluk Revolutionary Operation carried out in Zap.

Four soldiers were injured in this operation, dozens of weapons and military equipment were seized, while the rest were destroyed by fire.”

The images show the moments when the guerrillas entered the positions of the soldiers and the positions that were burned. The dialogues between the guerrillas can also be clearly heard in the footage. Confiscated military equipment can also be seen.