Göç-Der: One million displaced during recent attacks in Kurdish region

Göç-Der called upon everyone to show solidarity with one million people displaced during recent attacks in the Kurdish region of Turkey.

Migrants’ Association for Social Cooperation and Culture (Göç-Der) announced the results of the workshop "Rethinking Forced Migration" it held in Amed this weekend. The results of the workshop were shared with the public in the Göç-Der Branch.

Göç-Der Branch Co-President Yılmaz Kan stated that one million people have been displaced during the recent attacks in the Kurdish region. Kan stated that forced migration has become systematic since the 1925 East Reform Plan after the formation of the Turkish Republic. Kan described the East Reform Plan as a policy of elimination and assimilation, and recalled that 3 million people had been displaced and 3 thousand and 500 towns and villages had been evacuated during the State of Emergency of 1987.


Kan stated that forced migration has become a hot topic after the end of the solution process, and the ground and aerial attacks on Kurdish cities resulted in the displacement of one million people. Kan emphasized that forced migration continues due to the ongoing process of clashes, and state forces declared curfews and destroyed neighborhoods with heavy weaponry in Kurdish cities with the excuse of ‘restoring public safety.’ Kan noted that the neighborhoods targeted by curfews and state attacks are the living spaces of people that had been forced to migrate after the evacuation of their villages back in the 1990s.

Lastly, Kan said that the displaced Kurdish people’s right to life was violated during and after migration, and causes several social traumas.