“Government and KDP lead the invasion”

Citizens of Derbendixan said the Kurdistan Regional Government led the invasion and added: “The Turkish state is invading Bashur as per the deal they made with the KDP.”

Citizens in Derbendixan, Sulaimaniyah condemned the Turkish state attacks against Bashur and criticized the Kurdistan Regional Government’s stance on the invasion.


Salih Ehmed: The Kurdistan Regional Government is making it easier for Turkey to increase their invasion attacks and leading the invasion. How could they speak up? The governing parties in Bashur remain silent so they can stay in power a bit longer and not lose their seats. Unfortunately the parties think of their own interests in the face of the invasion instead of the people’s.

Araz Xelil: The invasion attacks started as a result of the deal between the Turkish state and the KDP. KDP has economic and commercial ties with Turkey. Turkey aims to invade all of Bashur. That may not be easy, because there are international laws in place. A state cannot violate the borders of another state. So Turkey uses the PKK guerrillas as an excuse. They want to use PKK as an excuse to invade all of Bashur. The Turkish soldiers are stationed in Dihoq and Hewler.

Xalid Kakil: The Kurdistan Regional Government is made up of the KDP for the most part. KDP has chosen to remain silent due to their interests with Turkey. Unfortunately the other parties remain silent because of KDP’s approach and the lack of unity.