'Great Freedom March' continues in Şırnak

Participants of the 'Great Freedom March' were welcomed with enthusiasm in the Şırnak province.

The 'Great Freedom March', which was launched from two branches on February 1st to demand the physical freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and a democratic solution to the Kurdish question, continues on its 5th day.

The Van branch of the Great Freedom March resumed their action in Uludere district of Şırnak today. The group then travelled to the town of Balveren.

The people of the town welcomed the marchers with great enthusiasm. Torches were lit during the welcome with drums. The group shook hands with those welcoming them, including mothers wearing white headscarves representing peace.

The activists and the residents of the town marched to the party building chanting slogans calling for peace and denouncing the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan, who has not been heard from for nearly three years.

Speaking here, DEM Party Urfa MP Dilan Kunt Ayan said, "No force will be able to stand against the people’s hope of peace. Our freedom march will continue until the freedom of Mr Öcalan and the solution of the Kurdish question is achieved. We have the key to freedom and peace. One day the gates of İmralı will open and the people will meet with honourable peace."

The group then moved to Şırnak, where they were greeted at the entrance of the city. The march continued until the party building under heavy snowfall. The enthusiasm of the women created colourful images. The activists visited shopkeepers along the way.

DEM Party Mardin MP Saliha Aydeniz said, "Let the stance of Şırnak be a message to the colonisers. Today you gave the necessary answer to all colonisers. 75 people in two groups are marching together with millions. Because millions see Mr Abdullah Öcalan as their will. The solution to the Kurdish question is Mr Öcalan. Once the gates of İmralı are opened, there will be a solution. Crisis and chaos will disappear. Today, not only the Kurdish people, but millions embrace the ideas of Mr Öcalan. They are fighting for Mr Öcalan's freedom."

Saliha Aydeniz stated: "No power and force will stop the march of truth. Millions say 'Mr Öcalan is my political will'. Mr Öcalan is the interlocutor for the solution of the Kurdish question. We appeal to the opposition and the state; the reason for the deepening of the crisis and chaos today is the Kurdish question and isolation. The isolation must be broken."

DEM Party Co-Mayoral candidate for Şırnak, Hacı Turan Saltan, wished that the freedom march would lead to peace and freedom. "It is the time to win," Saltan said.