Great Freedom March: The Kurdish question can be solved with Abdullah Öcalan

Participants of the Great Freedom March were welcomed with enthusiasm in Kızıltepe where they pointed out that “The Kurdish question can be solved with Abdullah Öcalan.”

The Great Freedom March, which started from two branches, Kars and Van, on 1 February to demand the physical freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and a democratic solution to the Kurdish question, continues on its 10th day.

Those taking part in the Van branch of the march were welcomed with great enthusiasm by hundreds of people in Kızıltepe district of Mardin.

The crowd then marched through the district center, accompanied by slogans and songs. Passers-by and shopkeepers greeted the freedom march with applause and slogans.

The group held a commemoration at the boulevard on the road named after Uğur Kaymaz, who was murdered, along with his father, with 13 bullets in front of their house on 21 November 2004 when he was only 12 years old.

Addressing the people of the district in Freedom Square, Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Co-Chair Keskin Bayındır said, "As Freedom Marchers, we have been on the road for 10 days for the freedom of Mr Öcalan and a democratic solution to the Kurdish question. Today we are in Kızıltepe. We thank you for your support."

Bayındır stated that they have been longing for freedom for centuries, saying, "We started our march with this longing, and we will continue until our march reaches its goal. Mr Öcalan is subjected to total isolation. We have not bowed down to his isolation, and we will not do so. We want the Kurdish question to be solved with its interlocutor as soon as possible. The interlocutor is Mr Abdullah Öcalan and this issue must be resolved with him as soon as possible. This issue does not concern us alone, it concerns the mothers, and everyone else. If we are to live an equal and honourable life in Turkey, this issue must be solved with the interlocutor. Therefore, we have taken the lead in this march. Let's become millions and build a free and equal life. We will continue until we achieve victory.”

After further speeches by Hamdiye Turgay and Zeyni İpek, co-mayoral candidates for Kızıltepe Municipality for the local elections on 31 March, the group visited the DEM Party district organisation.