Great March for Freedom kicks off in Van

The start of the "Great March for Freedom" in Van was announced with a press statement underlining that the purpose of the march was to lift the Imrali isolation and ensure the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan for the solution of the Kurdish question.

Political parties and democratic organizations are holding a "Great Freedom March" in Van (Wan) and Kars (Qers) today, demanding the removal of the isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan. The march is part of the international initiative “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, political solution to the Kurdish question”.

The march will kick off today and continue until 15 February, the day the Kurdish people’s leader was captured in Kenya, 25 years ago.

Democratic Regions Party (DBP) co-chair Keskin Bayındır, People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) co-chair Tuncer Bakırhan and many representatives of civil society organizations attended the press statement. The marchers wore aprons with the words "Freedom March/Meşa Azadiyê ye" written on them.

DEM Party Şirnak MP Zeki Irmez said that the absolute isolation imposed in Imralı targets the Kurdish people's demands for democracy, freedom and justice.

Irmez underlined that the isolation in Imrali affects not only the Kurdish question but also the entire region and sabotages the common future of the people. He added that the Imrali isolation is the starting point of the lawlessness regime throughout Turkey.

The statement added that the Imrali isolation has become a tool of the regime ruling Turkey and has caused various problems by leaving the country breathless.

Irmez said that the gate of Imrali has been locked for the whole of Turkey and that there is where the key to a democratic future is.

The speakers said that the Great Freedom March would end the Imrali isolation, bring peace to the country and the region, and fight for a democratic Turkey.