Guerrilla actions in Heftanîn, Xakurke and Çukurca

Four soldiers were killed as guerrillas hit the Turkish army in Heftanîn, Xakurke and Çukurca.

The Press Office of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) said in a statement that guerrillas carried out actions against the Turkish army on Wednesday in the areas of Heftanîn and Xakurke in Southern Kurdistan and the province of Hakkari in Northern Kurdistan.

According to the HPG statement published today, a soldier of the Turkish invasion forces was shot dead on Hill Şehîd Adar in Heftanîn on July 8 at nine o'clock in the morning. In Xakurke, guerrillas hit a Turkish military unit on Hill Şehîd Derwêş yesterday evening at 10:30 pm. The enemy positions and shelters were "effectively hit", two soldiers were killed.

In the Çukurca district of Hakkari, the guerrillas targeted positions and shelters of Turkish forces at the Girê military post. One soldier was killed here.

Military operation in Hakkari

The HPG also announced that the Turkish army launched a military operation in Hakkari on 7 July. The operation area covered the areas of Girê Berxa, Bazê, Kewotê and Mele Emin and was bombed by attack helicopters, fighter jets and howitzers. On 8 July, the operation was suspended without results.

Air attack on Medya Defense Zones

On July 7, the Sîda area in the Zap region was bombed by the Turkish air force. According to HPG, the guerrillas suffered no losses.