Guerrilla Ararat: HPG is frustrating all the efforts of Turkey

HPG guerrilla Deniz Ararat reminded that "the struggle of the guerrilla and the people makes success inevitable."

HPG guerrilla Deniz Ararat evaluated the international conspiracy against Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, the resistance of Heftanin and the attacks of the Turkish state.

Reminding that Kurdish people's leader Öcalan was forced to leave Syria as a result of the international conspiracy that took place on 9 October 1998, Ararat added: "First of all, I commemorate the martyrs of the revolution with the slogan 'You cannot darken our sun' after the international conspiracy.

One of the aims of the conspiracy was to intervene and disrupt the Middle East. The biggest obstacle to the project of the conspiracy forces was the PKK and of course president Öcalan. Many movements emerged in the Middle East, but none of them could develop properly because of the interventions made. The ideology of the PKK and president Öcalan, however, prevented the conspiracy forces from achieving their projects.

The PKK has been fighting for 40 years against all occupying states, especially the Turkish state. Only Öcalan-inspired forces were able to stop the ISIS mercenaries that plagued the world. That is why the conspiracy states had to accept our forces."

Drawing attention to the ongoing resistance against the Turkish state's invasion attacks in Heftanin, Ararat said that the Turkish army, which is confident in its technology, aims at eliminating the PKK.

Noting that the Turkish army hopes that the guerrilla will be unable to take action against these technology, Ararat continued: "The guerrilla forces have been on the move since the beginning of the occupation attacks. The Turkish army is currently experiencing an Heftanin syndrome. They wanted to regroup their frail soldiers in the areas of Heftanin. The Turkish state makes propaganda every day, saying, ‘We destroyed them, it’s finished, we dealt a blow’. But none of this is true. They say they will destroy the PKK every year. But the PKK is getting stronger every year, making new breakthroughs and dealing great blows to the enemy. The guerrilla also got stronger with new styles and tactics in this process. Since the Turkish state is going through a very serious and deep internal crisis, they want to find an exit by attacking the guerrilla areas. But these plans will come to nothing."

Emphasizing that the Turkish state was shocked by the blows it suffered from the guerrilla, Ararat shared the following information on the HPG's new war style: "The HPG's new war style emerged in Heftanin. The Kurdistan guerrilla has proved that the Turkish state cannot succeed with these operations. It has been proving this with 40 years of struggle. The new style of the HPG has frustrated all of its technologies."

Guerrilla Ararat continued: "It is true that the Turkish army entered several areas in Heftanin, but that does not mean that the guerrilla is not in those areas. Guerrilla is everywhere. Everyone should know this. The KCK's ‘End Isolation, Fascism and Occupation; Time for Freedom’ campaign does not develop only through the guerrilla. If the guerrilla and the people fulfil their responsibility, we will grow stronger. In 2012, we brought the enemy to feet of our leader with such a struggle. The struggle of the guerrilla and the people makes success inevitable. Just as our forces defeated ISIS, they will defeat Erdogan's mercenaries. In order for the conspiracy to come to nothing and the occupation of the Turkish state to come to an end, we will further strengthen the area of resistance."