Guerrilla Botan tells of martyrs Welat Agiri and Şoreşger Şemse

HPG Guerrilla Orhan Botan speaks about guerrillas Welat Agiri and Şoreşger Şemse who resisted in the Cenga Heftanin Operation.

HPG guerrilla Orhan Botan said that his comrades, Şoreşger Şemse and Welat Agiri, played a role in the resistance of the Cenga Heftanin Operation in the Xantur area and fell martyrs on June 30. “With Martyr Şoreşger Şemse we fought for the Yazidi people in Şengal. With Martyr Welat Agiri we took part in the epic resistance of Xantur. No matter how much I describe their resistance, it will be incomplete. If the enemy could not down soldiers to Xantur immediately and had a hard time, this is due to their resistance.”

Stating that he had known guerilla Şoreşger Şemse since the epic resistance in Şengal, Botan added: “I got to know Heval Welat in Xantur. Their resistance from the very beginning of the operation affected all their comrades. In particular, with their resistance they avoided the Turkish army to down soldiers in Xantur, their spirit of attack affected me like it affected everyone else. The Turkish army launched a heavy attack using great technology, but we had a superior stance and fighting force. Heval Şoreşger grew up in Adana. When he heard that the guerrilla went to Shengal for the liberation of the Yazidi Kurds, he didn’t think twice and came as well. It was the first time that I saw him, he adapted very quickly, as if he had been there for years and was involved in the resistance. He knew how to resist because he knew the enemy. And he resisted to the end. Together with Welat, they went into action and fell martyrs.”

Another guerrilla who marked the resistance of Cenga Heftanin was Welat Derik. Guerilla Orhan Botan said: "We learned in the person of Welat, how great the human will. Much greater than the technology and much more effective."

Guerrilla Orhan said his comrade Welat Derik had just arrived in the area and had the excitement for the role he was going to play in the Cenga Heftanin Operation. “He resisted in Xantur. Comrade Welat was a versatile commander. His excitement was visible. He was always there when it came to encourage the other friends. He was a happy man and always ready to help and give morale to everyone. Like Şoreşger, he remained involved in youth work. They had similar characters and they got on very well. That’s why their actions were successful. They got on well and acted quickly because they knew each other.”

Guerrilla Orhan ended his comments by saying: “In the Cenga Heftanin Operation, we are going through processes where resistance and history are rewritten, and those who led the way were Martyr Şoreşger and Martyr Welat. We will fight until we avenge them. Their blood has not been spilled in vain, the enemy must know this.”