Guerrilla Delîla Yusuf: We made the enemies run in panic

Guerrilla Delîla Yusuf acts as a sniper to resist the Turkish invasion of the Medya Defense Areas. "These attacks in particular have very serious psychological effects on the enemy," she explains.

Since April 23, the Turkish army has tried in vain to take the southern Kurdish areas of Avaşîn, Metîna and Zap. The women's guerrilla YJA Star leads the resistance against the invasion of the Medya Defense Areas with their actions. The sniper teams are important. Sniper Delîla Yusuf is one of the guerrillas of the YJA Star. In this ANF interview she talks about her experiences in the war against the Turkish invasion in Avaşîn.

"The enemy fears snipers"

"The enemy first targeted the areas of Mervanos and Mamreşo. As much as the Turkish army wanted to achieve success in Mamreşo, it couldn’t given to the reactions and courage of the friends inside," reports Delîla Yusuf.

"The enemy then used poison gas on seven of our friends inside. They fell in Mamreşo. When the attack began in the Mervanos area, many friends, especially commanders Ronahî, Ekin and Asya, played an important role in countering the attacks. The fallen of Mervanos filled us with anger. We wanted to avenge these friends. I myself was stationed as a sniper in the Mervanos area at the time and disrupted enemy activities. As our friend Serhad Giravî said: While we were still looking for the enemy, he ran right in front of our feet. At that time, we were also in the war tunnels there. When the soldiers got there, the only way to move on was by holding each other's hands. They didn't know how to get any further. After researching their movements, I carried out my first strike. After the action, panic broke out among the enemy soldiers and they ran apart. They moved away from the war tunnels. Our advantage was that we attacked them both from inside the war tunnels and from outside. As YJA Star guerrillas, our anger is great, we want to drive him out of the area."

"They didn't even have respect for their own dead"

After this sniper action, said guerrilla Yusuf, "the enemy began to station secret units in the area. But that was our area and we could immediately spot even the smallest change. During the first reconnaissance, we were able to determine the position of these covert units. After realizing their positions, we carried out our second sniper action. What struck us the most was the way soldiers dealt with their own dead. Only days later did they come to rescue them and drag them across the ground behind them. We have seen with our own eyes how cruel and disrespectful they are even to their own comrades."

"They don't even know where the bullets come from"

The attacks in particular had very serious psychological effects on the enemy, said guerrilla Yusuf, adding: "The soldiers couldn't find out where the bullets were coming from, and they always lived in that fear. If one of them died, the others panicked and ran away. These actions caused the enemy to withdraw from the area. We attacked them from both the war tunnels and outside. That's why the enemy couldn't stay there."