Guerrilla TV footage of actions in Heftanin and Xakurkê

Gerilla TV has released images of the actions carried out in Heftanin and Xakurkê.

The HPG Press Liaison Center made the following statement regarding the actions:

"On October 15, at 6.30am, our forces launched a comprehensive action from Medya Defense Areas. The action targeted the occupying Turkish army located in the Martyr Şêxmus area and was part of the Cenga Heftanin Initiative.

Many enemy positions were destroyed and 13 enemy soldiers were killed while other soldiers were wounded.

The wounded and dead were removed from the area by Skorsky helicopter. Our units returned safely to base."

The statement also provided details of another operation. "Within the scope of Martyr Bager and Martyr Ronya Revolutionary Action, our forces carried out an action against the enemy soldiers located on Martyr Derweş Hill on December 14 at 15.45pm.

Three soldiers were killed in this action in which an enemy position on the hill was also hit. Following the action, the invading Turkish army removed the dead and wounded soldiers from the area with skorsky helicopters.