Guerrilla Warşin: "This is Heftanîn!"

Warşin Avaşin stood up, shouldering the dreams of Zeryan Muş. The fight was going on. She fought by putting the anger of all her martyred comrades before her.

Guerrilla Warşin fought the invaders alone for hours. She threw herself forward to protect herself and her comrades. Warşin told the invaders: "This is Heftanîn, you will have no exit if you enter."

It was not Warşin 's first encounter with the invaders.

Previously, where the war and resistance first started, guerrilla Zeryan, who formed the line of resistance in Martyr Berivan and fought until the last minute, took sides with Zeryan Muş and started to weave the epic of the resistance there.

It was a small rock defending them. Maybe dozens of airplanes were bombing the area where they were, dozens of howitzers and mortars were thrown on that rocky site just because it was defending the two guerrillas behind it. Nevertheless, they stood up and shot the invaders.

Two young women fought alone. That day, Zeryan Muş fell martyr. Warşin Avaşin stood up, shouldering her dreams, too. The fight was going on; it was necessary to carry on the dreams of the martyrs.

The culture of resistance she learned and inherited made her a more courageous and determined woman. When the invaders attacked Pîrbila on August 8, they aimed to invade and seize the road to Banikê. Thus, all the doors for the occupation of the Southern lands would be opened to the barbarian Turkish army.

It was right at that point that Warşin appeared like a light in Pîrbila and stood before the invaders. Hundreds of souls in one body were fighting the invaders. She fought by carrying the anger of all her martyred comrades before her and putting this anger on her barrel.

She was the first to see the invaders, she was the first to strike the invaders, she was the one who kept the invaders busy, while her comrades got ready. She was the one who leapt forward to protect her comrades and fought without leaving her barrel to cool out and without pulling her fingers off the trigger.