Guerrillas: Attacks against mothers won’t go without a response

YRK guerrillas said the attacks against mothers protesting to lend their voice to the hunger strikers in prisons won’t go without a response.

The hunger strikes launched by Leyla Guven to end the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan has continued for months. 15 prisoners went on a death fast on April 30, and mothers of prisoners have been protesting in front of prisons for days to let the world hear their voice. YRK guerrillas spoke about the ongoing hunger strikes and the mothers’ protests.

YRK guerrilla Kendal Qoser said the attacks against mothers resisting fascism won’t go unretaliated and added: “Mothers are our values. We are fighting so our mothers can live freely in a free country. These attacks against mothers won’t go unretaliated, they will be held to account. As the YRK guerrillas, we are calling on the people and youth of Rojhilat (East Kurdistan), speak up against these attacks and defend your values.”


Guerrilla Aysel Ciya saluted Leyla Guven, Nasir Yagiz and the hunger strike resistance and said: “I also salute my comrades in prisons. They continue the hunger strikes and death fasts under such harsh conditions. This is a sacred and honorable stance. They are in a correct comradery with the Leader. They have put their lives on the line to end the isolation.

The enemy has increased its attacks. There is no period of time when 60, 70-year-old mothers were attacked, but this is ‘normal’ for the Turkish state. This is a state where 5-year-old children are sexually assaulted. Today there is an attack against humanity under the lead of the AKP. But we know that the resistance will prevail. We follow the path of the resisting mothers.”


Zerdest Leylax stressed that the guerrilla forces will never accept the isolation imposed upon Ocalan and said: “We derive strength from our resisting mothers, and we will prevail with the spirit of our comrades in the dungeons. I am calling on the youth of Rojhilat, come join the guerrilla forces. Let’s end the tyranny against our Leader and our mothers.”

Guerrilla Masiro Botan pointed out that there is a great resistance led by the patriotic people and prisoners: “As the Kurdistan guerrillas, we will not accept the fascist Turkish state’s attacks against mothers. I am calling on all Kurdish youth, rise up against the tyranny in Kurdistan. Work for the defense of your people and your country.”