Guerrillas destroy surveillance camera system

HPG Press Office reports continued actions by guerillas and attacks by the Turkish army in the guerilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

According to the People's Defence Forces (HPG), one of their mobile units struck and destroyed a Turkish army surveillance camera system in the southern Kurdish region of Çemço in the Zap area at 5 pm on 30 January. Turkish troops had mounted the cameras near a guerrilla position.

Also on 30 January, the guerrillas struck the invaders in the southern Kurdish region of Xakurke. At 11.00 a.m., a mobile unit hit Turkish troops in the Girê Şehîd Şahan area with heavy weapons.

Earlier, on 27 January at 5.15 a.m., a mobile unit carried out an action with heavy weapons against Turkish troops at Girê FM in the western part of the Zap region. It is not known how many members of the occupying forces were killed or injured in the two actions as part of the Bazên Zagrosê and Şehîd Savaş Maraş revolutionary offensives.

The Turkish army continued its attacks. On 29 and 30 January, guerrilla positions in the Çemço region were attacked twice with unconventional bombs. On 13, 26, 27 and 28 January, the areas of Stûnê, Şûkê, Dola Maran, Dola Konferans and Geliyê Avaşîn in Avaşîn as well as the resistance areas of Girê Cûdî, Girê Bihar and Girê Amêdî were bombed 13 times by Turkish fighter planes.

On 26, 27 and 28 January, the Girê Cûdî, Girê FM and Girê Amediyê resistance areas as well as the guerrilla resistance positions in the Çemço area and near the village of Sîda were shelled dozens of times with howitzers, tanks and heavy weapons.