Guerrillas: Our task is to defend Kurdistan

The Kurdish guerrilla warriors point out that people are not leaving their land despite the Turkish military invasion of southern Kurdistan.

At the end of May, the Turkish army launched an invasion operation against southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq. Fighters of the guerrilla organizations HPG and YJA-Star refer to the expulsion policy of the Turkish state and announce that they will not allow a depopulation in South Kurdistan.

Guerrilla Gîvara Kurdan told ANF that the target of Turkey's attack is not just the PKK, but the entire Kurdish people. He recalled the storming of a Turkish military base in Sheladize by the angry population last January, stating, "There, young people were killed, but the KDP remained silent and did not help the people. As if that was not already enough, it asked the Turkish state for forgiveness. Although the KDP knows about the harm suffered by the civilian population, it acts as though these deaths did not exist. It does not even think about whether Kurdistan is being colonized or destroyed. The people of Sheladize rose up as they saw this truth. Many young people who were at the time criticizing and rebelling against this policy have been arrested by the KDP and thrown in jail.”

Kurdan said the people of Bashur (South Kurdistan) saw the fact that the KDP pursued a wrong policy, and continued; "As the guerrilla, we have been in this area for years and defended the territory of southern Kurdistan. That is our task. The mission of the guerrilla is to fight for freedom and to defend the country. We are ready to give our lives to this end. Our people should not be silent on this. If they do so, there will be repeated massacres as in Kortek and intensified attacks on the population. The Turkish state wants to raise the Kurds against each other, depopulate South Kurdistan and settle here permanently.”

The Turkish state attacks the civilian population and bombards their areas of life, says Givara Kurdan and adds: "It does not care if someone is armed or not. It is targeting the Kurds as a whole. It's not about the PKK, it's about the Kurdish people. Nor does Turkey accept the existence of the Kurdish people in Bashur.”

Binevş Agir, a fighter of the women's guerrilla troop YJA-Star, refers to the guerilla actions against the occupation attacks of the Turkish state and says: "Attacks and sabotage actions have been carried out. The guerrillas even infiltrate the positions of Turkish soldiers in the South (of Kurdistan). The Turkish state has realized that it cannot get on with ground troops. Therefore, it tries to deal with it by technical means. However, it does not include humans and human will in its plans. Despite intensive attacks, the South Kurdistan people are not leaving but are protecting their land. People are frustrating the plans to depopulate the South and we stand by the side of the people to the very end.”