Guerrillas release new footage showing Turkish army using chemical weapons in Werxelê

New footage has been released showing the Turkish army using chemical weapons in Werxelê. Turkey used tetrytol, a mixture of tetryl and TNT, to hit Werxelê’s war tunnels.

Images taken by the HPG and YJA Star guerrillas, who resisted in Werxelê for more than four months, since 7 June 2021, against the war crimes carried out by the invading Turkish soldiers, continue to emerge.

The Turkish army, especially at the beginning of August, used chemical gas against the Werxelê’s war tunnels and carried out explosions dozens of times a day in an attempt to destroy them. The guerrillas who sneaked out of the Werxelê war tunnels on 12 August, killed two Turkish soldiers in the clashes that erupted. Seeing that the guerrillas came out of the tunnels and boldly attacked them, the soldiers had to flee, leaving their military equipment there in a panic.

Guerrillas in Werxelê seized nearly 200 kilograms of explosives. The guerrillas, who recorded these explosives on cameras, also documented the explosives emitting poisonous gas used by the invading Turkish army. Speaking to the guerrilla camera in this footage, Mahir Kop, one of the commanders of the Werxelê resistance, says that they seized all the materials from the soldiers and dragged them into the tunnels. In addition to the TNT explosive, hand grenades and C3 type explosives, the guerrillas also seized tetrytol.

According to Wikipedia, Tetrytol is a “high explosive, comprising a mixture of tetryl and TNT. Applications of tetrytol are usually military in nature, e.g. burster tubes for chemical weapons (e.g. nerve agent shells), blocks of demolition explosives and cast shaped charges."