Guerrillas: We are the followers of Cansız, Doğan and Şaylemez

Speaking on the 7th anniversary of the Paris massacre, YJA Star guerrillas Çavrê Güler and Nazlıcan Rêdur and HPG guerilla Baran Revenge said that the massacre was aimed at the Kurdish women's movement's freedom struggle.

HPG and YJA-Star guerrillas said that they are the followers of the struggle carried out by PKK founding member Sakine Cansız (Sara), KNK Paris Representative Fidan Doğan (Rojbin) and Youth Movement member Leyla Şaylemez (Ronahi) who were murdered in Paris on 9 January 2013.

YJA-STAR guerrilla Çavrê Güler: "First of all, comrade Sara, a Kurdish woman from Dersim was captured as a revolutionary after the 1st Congress of the PKK and her historical resistance in the prison of Diyarbakır has been a source of inspiration for us all. They [the system] actually wanted to imprison the free Kurdish woman when they imprisoned Sara. They wanted to destroy the remnants of the Dersim genocide. Because Sara was a follower of friends Zarifes and Besês. She had a tremendous struggle personality and the ideas of Önder Apo.

Leader Apo constantly said: 'The creation of a free society will emerge by the hands of a free Kurdish woman'. Of course, one of those who made Apo's words from the first moment understood and based on this was comrade Sara. She was a person, but she struggled for a whole society. Sara's stance had great repercussions not only within the Kurdish community but also within other peoples. In addition to carrying out important work in Europe, she also played a big role within the PKK. In other words, during her life she carried out a relentless struggle against hegemonic forces and enemies of revolution."

YJA-Star guerrilla Nazlıcan Rêdur: One of the leading forces from the beginning was heval [comrade] Sara. At the same time she devoted herself to the truth of the revolution and one of the leading followers of the philosophy of Leader Apo. Martyr Sara was one of the greatest examples of the free women's stance.

The fascist Turkish state did not spare any efforts to intimidate Kurdish women in Diyarbakır prison precisely in the person of heval Sara. But heval Sara did not give up her struggle despite all these dirty intimidation policies.

Today we look at thousands of women from Cizre to Rojava and the entire Middle East who have become followers of heval Sara. Heval Ronahi and Heval Rojbin were our great comrades.

HPG guerilla Baran Intikam: In 2013, when 3 female revolutionaries were murdered, the Turkish state was in a real stalemate position. On the one hand, they had started to negotiate with Önder Apo and on the other hand they wanted to target the senior members of our movement. In this sense, Sara, one of our seniro member, and Ronahi and Rojbin were targeted.

Sara was carrying out an advanced level of organization within the Kurdish community in Europe, and this was a danger for the Turkish state. Likewise, Rojbin was carrying out an excellent diplomacy work among the peoples of Europe and in this respect made a great contribution to the struggle for freedom, which was also perceived by Turkey as a danger.

Ronahi played a major role within young people and was making great efforts to raise awareness and fight against the corruption policy of the system. So these friends were targeted and ultimately murdered.

In fact, the State wanted to continue the international conspiracy which began in 1999 against Leader Apo. With this dirty conspiracy they wanted to weaken our leadership on the one hand, and on the other hand they aimed at eliminating the leading cadres of the freedom movement…

Today, thousands of young women are named Sara, Ronahi and Rojbin. As HPG and YJA-Star guerrillas, we will deepen the knowledge of the philosophy of Leader Apo in order to be able to fully claim the legacy of resistance left by our three female comrades.