Guerrillas: We cannot be stopped!

YJA Star guerrilla Ciwan Cûdî and the HPG guerrilla Ronî Arbaba are part of the resistance against the Turkish invasion of the southern Kurdish Medya Defense Areas. “The enemy cannot stop the guerrillas,” they said.

The guerrillas have dealt the Turkish army successful blows, thus thwarting its invasion attempts in the southern Kurdish Medya Defense Areas in recent weeks. So successful were these blows that the second largest NATO army was forced to partially withdraw. YJA Star guerrilla Ciwan Cûdî and HPG guerrilla Ronî Arbaba are part of this resistance. They report on the attacks and the phase ahead.

"Actions continue"

Ciwan Cûdî has fought against the invasion the entire time from the beginning of the Turkish invasion, on 23 April 2021. She said: "The enemy attacked the Medya Defense Areas with the aim of completely destroying the guerrillas. That is why the attacks were so heavy, but from the beginning the guerrillas fought the invasion with great courage. Some hills may have been conquered by the enemy, but to this day our actions continue unabated. In Heftanîn in particular, the enemy wanted to destroy the freedom fighters, but they did not achieve this goal. The occupiers claimed that they were in control and that not even a bird could fly. But the guerrillas have shown with their actions this year that they can approach and carry out attacks without the enemy in any way noticing them beforehand."

"You will never be able to destroy the guerrillas"

Guerrilla Cûdî continued: "The enemy was dealt heavy blows. The guerrillas would never allow the enemy to move quietly through the mountains. They do not own Kurdistan, they are occupiers. This land belongs to the Kurdish people. Because of this, they will never be able to destroy the guerrillas. The occupiers attacked in many places, but the form and tactics of guerrilla warfare shocked the enemy. They should know very well that no matter what they do, they cannot wipe out the guerrillas. The guerrillas will come out of nowhere and hit them."

"You can't stop the guerrillas from going where they want to go"

People's Defense Forces (HPG) guerrilla Ronî Arbaba said that the Turkish state wants to establish a permanent presence in the Heftanîn region, but the guerrillas will not allow this. Heftanîn is a strategic area, which is why the Turkish state has long-term plans for this region. The Turkish army had built posts on every summit and used all technical means. However, the guerrillas resolutely resisted.

Arbaba spoke about many successful actions in the Cenga Xabûrê offensive and added: "The actions on the hills of Qertel and Sîpan were some of them. The enemy never expected the guerrillas to be able to conduct such successful operations in the occupied territory. They had so many positions, so many cameras and thermal cameras, but the guerrillas got there and took action. Because the guerrillas can go into any enemy-occupied area and strike. We sent a message to the enemy: 'No matter what you do, you cannot destroy the guerrillas, we can do what we want. You cannot stop the guerrillas from moving.' There is a spirit of success in the guerrillas. We constantly renew ourselves and inflict heavy losses on the invaders."