HBDH guerrilla calls for struggle against contemporary Dehaks

İmera Fera Yeşilgöz, a fighter of the HBDH-DKP/BÖG, calls for enhanced revolutionary struggle in the ranks of the People's United Revolutionary Movement against contemporary Dehaks.

İmera Fera Yeşilgöz, a female fighter of the HBDH-DKP/BÖG (People's United Revolutionary Movement- Revolutionary Communard Party / United Freedom Forces) spoke to ANF about Newroz and said: “I congratulate the Kurdish people, and all oppressed on the 2023 Newroz. We welcome Newroz with the fire ignited by Mazlum Doğan, Rehşan Demirel and many of our other revolutionary leaders with their bodies. Our faith in victory is restored even more on this historical and meaningful day.”

Yeşilgöz continued: “Our comrades Sara and Rûken, inspired by the revolutionary legacy of our revolutionary pioneers, stoke up the fire of freedom in the cities and struck the enemy’s strongholds. Our comrades Rûken and Sara struck the enemy at their own headquarters, like the Four. The freedom guerrillas, the successors of this will, will fulfil their word to the people.  The freedom guerrillas will protect their people from these contemporary Dehaks. (According to traditional narrative, Dehak was an evil Assyrian king who persecuted the people. A revolt led by Kawa the Blacksmith defeated Dehak which marked the beginning of the Newroz.) The earthquake on February 6 has once again shown that the state will never be an option for our people. An administration that ignores its people has once again caused massive destruction. The earthquake that shook the region, where the Kurds, the Arabs and the Alevis live predominantly, has become a scene of profit for the government. What our people should do today is to raise an organized struggle against this fascist government, which ignores and persecutes its own citizens, and to extend the struggle of freedom guerrillas to the cities. As in the past, Kurdistan continues to host various freedom struggles.”


The female guerrilla fighter pointed out that the fire of freedom spread all over the world with the resistance of women. She continued: “The cry for freedom of Kurdish woman Jina Mahsa Amini, who was tortured to death in Rojhilatê Kurdistan (Iranian Kurdistan), has turned into a struggle for social freedom. The Jin Jiyan Azadi (Woman, Life, Freedom) slogan continues to be a fire of freedom struggle for women all over the world, especially in Kurdistan. The fire of freedom has become a hope for all the oppressed and women of the world. We do not consider the ‘Jin Jiyan Azadi’ resistance, which emerged after the murder of Amini, as separate from the freedom resistance of the Newroz fire. Our appeal to all peoples who seek a free life: they should support the revolutionary struggle in the ranks of the People's United Revolutionary Movement and fight contemporary Dehaks with the spirit of the self-sacrificing struggle line of our comrades Sara and Rûken. I once again congratulate the Kurdish people and all oppressed peoples on the 2023 Newroz.”