HPG: 25 Turkish soldiers killed in guerrilla actions

Guerrillas continue to go on the offensive against Turkish invasion in southern Kurdistan, causing massive losses for the Turkish army with creative fighting tactics by their mobile units. At least 22 soldiers were killed in Metina on Sunday.

The guerrillas of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) continue to go on the offensive in the invasion of the Medya Defense Zones, causing heavy losses for the Turkish army. According to the press centre of the People's Defense Forces (HPG), at least 22 soldiers were killed, and four others were injured in actions and clashes in Metina on Sunday, while the guerrillas did not suffer any casualties.

The fighters of the HPG and YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) mainly act in mobile and semi-mobile units against the occupying forces in Southern Kurdistan, combining various combat tactics such as sniper operations, raids, infiltrations and multi-front assaults. Most of the actions on Sunday took place in the resistance area around the Girê FM massif.

Initially, Turkish troops’ advance on the war positions was repulsed and one soldier was shot dead. Two other occupants were killed as they approached the body of their comrade. At about the same time, a second military unit in the vicinity of the summit was struck from close range with small arms and hand grenades, which left two other occupiers dead. An ambush was set up against another attempt by the occupying forces to advance later in the day, resulting in fierce fighting. According to HPG, nine soldiers were killed, including two Turkish military snipers. "The occupiers, who were badly hit, escaped from the war by fleeing and dispersed in the combat area. As a result of a skillful intervention by YJA Star mobile sniper units, six of the occupiers who were still fleeing initially were punished," the HPG statement said.

In the Girê Cûdî resistance area, two soldiers were killed by the guerrillas while trying to attach explosive charges to the defensive massif. A bombing of the "Şehîd Yunus" war tunnels was also prevented by successful intervention and the occupation forces there had to withdraw.

Paramilitary killed in Besta

In Northern Kurdistan, the guerrillas also successfully took action against the Turkish army. In the Besta region in Şırnak, a member of counter-guerrilla forces inside Turkish military units was shot dead by an HPG sniper as early as 13 June. The action reportedly took place in Girê Tenûrê and a fortified machine gun position was also destroyed.

Coordinated strike in Van

In Van, the guerrillas struck Turkish forces on Saturday with a three-front assault against a military operation that has been ongoing since 11 June at Kato Xelîla in Çatak district. The guerrillas involved used infiltration tactics and approached the military camp from three sides. The number of certain casualties in the course of the operation was reported to be three.

Artillery and air attacks by Turkey in Southern Kurdistan

HPG further informed that the air and ground attacks of the Turkish army in Southern Kurdistan continued unabated on Sunday. In Zap, the areas of Karker and Werxelê initially came under fire from outposts on the border with howitzers. Later, a total of 21 airstrikes were carried out by Turkish fighter jets targeting the areas of Girê Cûdî, Girê Amediyê, Kurojahro, Saca, Karker and Çemço as well as the village of Şiyê in Dinartê near Gare. Another fourteen bombardments by attack helicopters targeted Girê Cûdî in Metîna and the part of the Werxelê resistance massif there. Intensive reconnaissance flights were observed over the areas of Girê FM and Karker.