HPG: 31 occupiers killed in guerrilla operations

The guerrillas have carried out several spectacular operations against the Turkish army in Southern Kurdistan, and 31 soldiers have been killed.

In its daily statement about the ongoing war in the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq), the press centre of the People's Defence Forces (HPG) reported spectacular guerrilla actions in the past days.

"The Freedom Guerrilla of Kurdistan have carried out revolutionary operations and actions in order to welcome the 44th anniversary of the foundation of the PKK and to avenge our companions killed by chemical weapons and our innocent people murdered by the fascist AKP/MHP regime". According to the HPG, 31 soldiers of the Turkish army were killed in the guerrilla actions in Southern Kurdistan. Eleven enemy positions, two camera surveillance systems installed by the invading forces and a projector were destroyed.

The HPG further said: "Our comrades Eylem, Adar, Heqî and Medya, with the sacrificial spirit and the Apoist way of action of our PKK party, have taken on the enemy with great courage and dealt massive blows to them. They fought till their last breath and sacrificially joined the caravan of martyrs."

Regarding the details of the guerrilla actions and the attacks of the Turkish army in Southern Kurdistan, the HPG gave the following information:


In the Zap region, mobile guerrilla teams set up an ambush in the Saca resistance area on 25 November and one soldier was killed. Several guerrilla actions with heavy weapons targeted the Turkish troops in the Çemço area on Friday, leaving four soldiers dead. On Saturday, a soldier was shot dead in Sîda.


Four soldiers were killed, and a thermal camera and a projector were destroyed in the Girê Amêdî resistance area in the vicinity of the Şehîd Gelhat position. The guerrillas used different tactics in the action and attacked from two flanks on 17 November.


In the Girê Cûdî resistance area, the guerrillas carried out a revolutionary operation on 25 November. The occupation forces were struck from seven flanks with different tactics. Two guerrilla teams destroyed four enemy positions with B7 weapons. The third team advanced with hand grenades and light weapons and destroyed two positions. The fourth team used hand grenades to destroy a position where a surveillance camera was located. Three more teams attacked with hand grenades and light weapons and destroyed three positions. Eleven soldiers were killed in the course of this operation. When army units tried to intervene in the action area, another six soldiers were shot dead by snipers.

The guerrilla fighters Adar, Heqî and Medya were martyred in the operation. Exact details of their identities will be released at a later date.


Also on Friday, mobile guerrilla units infiltrated the position of Turkish occupation forces in the Girê FM resistance area. The guerrillas advanced to within ten metres and a skirmish ensued in which two soldiers were killed. Guerrilla fighter Eylem was martyred, whose identity details will be released later.


On 26 November, the guerrillas carried out a revolutionary operation at Girê Hekarî to drive the occupation forces out of the resistance area. Several soldiers were killed in the operation and their weapons and equipment were confiscated by the guerrillas. The operation was carried out in retaliation for Nurî Yekta, a member of the Metîna area command, and all the guerrillas who were killed with chemical weapons. Details of the operation will be made public later.


In the Xakurke region, Turkish military units were struck three times with heavy weapons on Friday and Saturday. An enemy position was destroyed at Girê Şehîd Axîn, two soldiers were killed in the action.


The Turkish army used a prohibited bomb in the Şehîd Serxwebûn position in Çemço on 24 November. On 25 November, the area of action at Girê Cûdî was bombed four times by fighter jets. In addition, dozens of attacks with howitzers, tanks and heavy weapons targeted the areas of the Girê Amêdî, Çemço, Saca and Sîda on Friday and Saturday.