HPG: 6 Turkish soldiers killed in revolutionary military campaigns

HPG Press Centre has announced that 6 invaders were killed in Metina and Xakurkê in the revolutionary campaigns launched against the invading Turkish state.

In a written statement, the Press Office of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG-BİM) stated that the actions were carried out as part of the Cenga Xabur and Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaigns. According to the statement, 3 invaders killed in the Metina region and 3 others in the Xakurke region.

“As part of the first Cenga Xabur Revolutionary Campaign in the Metîna region;

On July 7, at 19:30, a coordinated guerrilla action was carried out against the invaders on Koordîne Hill. First group of our fighters targeted a position which killed 2 invaders located there. Second group of guerrillas hit another position of the Turkish forces on the hill. The targeted position was destroyed and one invader was killed.

In this action, which employed the guerrilla tactics of the new era, a total of 3 invaders were killed and 2 positions were completely destroyed.

As part of the Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaign in the Xakurke region;

On July 7, at 08:30, an action was carried out against the invaders on the Martyr Şervan Hill in Girê Lelikan. One position on the hill was destroyed and 3 invaders were killed. The invaders removed their casualties from the area by civilian vehicles.”

The statement added that “Helicopters flew over the Mervanos and Tabura Ereban areas of Avaşîn between 21:15 - 23:30 on July 7.”