HPG: A guerrilla and a civilian were killed by the Turkish army in Mardin

HPG reported that guerrilla Xebatkar Bagok and civilian Lokman Görgün were killed in an attack by the Turkish army in Mardin on 8 April.

According to the press centre of the People's Defence Forces (HPG), the Turkish army carried out 37 attacks with howitzers, tanks and heavy weapons on guerrilla positions in the Çemço and Sîda areas in Zap in the past two days. In Sîda, armed confrontations took place on 11 and 12 April after attacks as the guerrillas had to exercise their right to self-defence.

In addition, the HPG reported a deadly attack on a guerrilla fighter and a civilian in Mardin on Saturday, April 8, stating:

"The fascist AKP/MHP regime continues its attacks in an uninterrupted form despite the decision of our movement to stop actions. Our companion Xebatkar Bagok and a relative of his, the valuable patriot Lokman Görgün, were killed in an attack by the Turkish army on 8 April in the surroundings of Cinata village in the Omeriya area of Mardin. The Turkish army extra-legally executed Lokman Görgün, a civilian, unarmed and innocent Kurdish patriot, committing a war crime. Lokman Görgün was an honourable patriot attached to his people and his country and is a martyr of the Kurdish liberation struggle. Our comrade Xebatkar fell when he was in an inactive position like the entire guerrilla. We offer our condolences to the precious family of our companion Xebatkar and the honourable patriot Lokman Görgün, the patriotic people of Mardin and the people of Kurdistan and renew our word to keep the memory of the fallen alive and to continue our struggle until victory."

HPG announced the ID information of the fallen guerrilla fighter as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Xebatkar Bagok
First-Last Name: Musa Kahraman
Birthplace: Mardin
Mother's and Father's Names: Türkan – Ahmet
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 8. April 2023 / Mardin

“Xebatkar Bagok was born in Nusaybin district of Mardin province and grew up in Cinata on the foothills of Mount Bagok. He wanted to become a guerrilla fighter as a child and became active in the Kurdish youth movement as an adolescent. Because he took a leading role in the activities for the youth of Nusaybin, he was arrested in 2013. Although he was severely mistreated, he did not give up his militant stance. In 2015, he joined the guerrillas in his birthplace and stayed in the mountains of Mardin for about a year. At that time, resistance for self-determination was taking place in the cities of northern Kurdistan. The fact that so many young people fought sacrificially and died in the process had a formative effect on Xebatkar. He drew lessons from the fighting that took place and went to the Medya Defence Zones to undergo professional military training,” stated the HPG.

HPG stated that Xebatkar was extremely intelligent and able to immediately put into practice what he had learnt in training. At the same time, he passed on his knowledge to his fellow combatants and contributed to their further development. With his warm, sincere, hardworking and versatile personality, he spread strength and morale, his demands and unambiguity in the struggle made him a leading militant.

“After training, Xebatkar went to Shengal to defend the Yazidi community against ISIS and drive the mercenaries out of the region for good. He was one of the brave people who contributed to the victory over ISIS. Despite his successful work, he was drawn back to his homeland. In 2018, he returned to Mardin and fought against the Turkish army with his inexhaustible youthful energy. In the process, he took the initiative in various areas and paved the way for the use of modern guerrilla methods. Until his death on 8 April, he made no compromises as a young Apoist militant,” said the HPG statement.