HPG and YJA Star guerrillas say the PKK is a symbol of courage for Kurds and people in the world

HPG and YJA Star guerrillas, speaking about the 43rd anniversary of the PKK, stated that the PKK is a symbol of courage for both the Kurdish people and the peoples of the world.

HPG and YJA Star guerrillas spoke to ANF on the occasion of the PKK's 43rd founding anniversary.

YJA Star guerrilla Jiyanda Laşer said that 27 November came about as a result of  great resistance and added that "this great resistance can be seen clearly in the person of Heval Kemal, Mazlum and Saralar. The PKK is the legacy of these comrades and all our comrades who resisted heroically in Avaşîn continue this legacy today. Just as Heval Sara and Besê pioneered a history, comrades Sarya and Diyana, who followed in their footsteps, created a historical resistance in Avaşîn."

Guerrilla Laşer continued: "Heval Cumali, Mahir and Çavrê also put up a great resistance in Werxelê. In Tepe Sor, Heval Zinarîn and Botan had the spirit of resistance of the PKK. These friends embodied the Apoist spirit in their resistance once again. Wherever there is an Apoist spirit, there can be no defeat. We saw this more clearly in our war with the Turkish state."

Emphasizing that the PKK is a symbol of courage both for the Kurdish people and for the peoples of the world, guerrilla Laşer added: "The PKK is not an ordinary organization. A huge price has been paid and martyrs have been given to reach this stage. The price we pay can be seen in all areas of struggle. The PKK was founded with a great struggle, and this struggle continues both in the mountains and in the prisons."

'The PKK struggle continues'

HPG guerrilla Herekol Amed also drew attention to the ongoing resistance and struggle, saying that "the PKK's struggle continues. The PKK is the expression of the resurrection of the Kurdish people. The Kurds have now proven their existence with this resurrection. Now is the time for the liberation of the Kurdish people. The PKK is an act of revenge."

Guerrilla Amed continued: "The leadership formed the party to avenge the martyrdom of Heval Haki. Heval Kemal Pir and Mazlum formed an armed army to avenge all those tortured in Diyarbakir prison. Today, the guerrillas are putting up relentless resistance against one of NATO's most powerful armies.

This resistance will bring success to the Kurdish people. The resistance of the many Rêber and Serhat in Bashur defeated the Turkish army. The defeated enemy waged an immoral war and resorted to chemical weapons. The Turkish state and NATO forces should know very well that this war is not over yet. This war will continue in all four parts of Kurdistan and we will achieve great results."

Noting that 27 November is a day of celebration, YJA Star guerrilla Zenda Amed said: "27 November should be celebrated as a holiday like Newroz. The guerrillas continue the legacy of resistance of Kemal, Haki and the historical guerrilla leaders. On this occasion, I want to salute the founding of our party and send greetings to the leadership, our people and our comrades."

‘Guerrillas won’t be defeated’

Another YJA Star guerrilla, Dicle Rojava, celebrating the party's 43rd anniversary, said: "I especially salute the resurrection day of our friends who fought in the war zones. On a day like this, our strength and morale are in good shape. There was a great war. This war continues and we all make sacrifices. The leadership has worked for this movement for years. Guerrillas are everywhere, the guerrillas are the people. That's why the guerrillas will never lose this war."

Guerrilla Rojava: "Our claim and aim is to defeat the enemy. The enemy thought it could enter Kurdistan easily, but we will not allow it. We will defeat the enemy in our own region. On this basis, we will fight and win with the spirit of resistance of Zîlan, Bêrîtan, Kemal and Egîd."