HPG announces the name of a guerrilla martyred in Avashin

HPG published the name of a guerrilla fighter who died in early July during clashes with Turkish soldiers in Avashin region in the Medya Defense Zones.

The Press Office of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) has published the identity of a guerrilla fighter who died on 1 July in the region of Avashin during clashes with Turkish operational units. The fallen guerrilla is Barış Tektaş (Nom de Guerre: Çiya Amed). He died in clashes on Hill Xwedê.

About the biography of Barış Tektaş the HPG said: "Our friend Çiya was born in Amed [Diyarbakir] as a child of a patriotic family. Already at a young age he developed a sense of responsibility for the Kurdish liberation struggle and joined our ranks. In the guerrilla struggle he stood out especially because of his youthful esprit and always worked hard to be a competent fighter. For his goal - the freedom of the Kurdish people - he took part in the guerrilla resistance at the highest level and selflessly joined the struggle against the enemy's occupation war. He fought against the invasion of Kurdistan until the last moment and joined the caravan of heroes of his people. In view of the loss of our comrade Amed, we express our sympathy to his family and our people and promise to crown the efforts of our fallen with a victory.”