HPG: Attacks against civilians are part of the invasion plan

HPG said the Turkish state has been bombing civilian residential areas in Southern Kurdistan deliberately and systematically, and added that these attacks are part of an invasion plan.

HPG Press Center issued a written statement on the Turkish state’s attacks against civilian residential areas in Southern Kurdistan.

HPG said the invading Turkish state launched new attacks against the Kurdish people’s gains in Kurdistan and added: “This mindset that has been attacking our people and their values violently is looking to spread the invasion to encompass all of Southern Kurdistan. The invading Turkish state is bombing the residential areas of our civilians deliberately with intense technical support. These attacks have many precedents in the past, and the most current attack was on June 12 when civilian residential areas were bombed in Duhoq’s Amediye district. Jets bombed a civilian vehicle in the Guherze village at 13:30 and two civilian vehicles in the Sergele village, one house in the Dere village and one gas station along the road between Sulawe and Amediye the same day in the evening. There were no casualties in these attacks, but several civilians were wounded.”


“The invading Turkish state has deliberately targeted civilian residential areas and is trying to intimidate the people of the region,” said the statement and continued: “These attacks, with support from several UAVs, directly target our civilian citizens. The Turkish state wants to invade all of Southern Kurdistan and is carrying out these attacks to stop the people of the region from resisting with the Sheladize spirit and to intimidate them. These deliberate and systemic attacks are undoubtedly a part of the invasion plan.

We see with these attacks once again that the colonialist Turkish state thinks the Kurds don’t deserve anything but death and destruction, and use the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla as an excuse for these attacks. This mindset that murdered many of our civilian people in the past alleges that the attacks are against the guerrilla. Our guerrillas have no activity in the areas they target. What could it be that a gas station and a main road used mainly by civilians were bombed, if not a deliberate attack? This mindset that has bombed an area with hundreds of vehicles passing by is trying to spread fear among the peoples of Southern Kurdistan and to intimidate them.

These attacks show once again that the invading Turkish state targets our people deliberately and tries to cover up their murderous mindset with lies.


Even though our guerrillas have no activity in the targeted areas, the invading Turkish state went on scouting missions and then carried out bombings. Kurdish people everywhere must resist the invaders against these attacks against the people of Kurdistan, and must speak up against these massacres. The invading Turkish state’s goal is a complete genocide against free Kurds. In the face of these attacks, all four parts of Kurdistan must come together and fight this aggression. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla will fight against the invaders for the freedom of our people under any and all circumstances and void all invasion plans. We wish a swift recovery to our people wounded in these attacks.”