HPG claims responsibility for the action against police in Amed

HPG has claimed responsibility for yesterday's action which targeted the police headquarters in Amed's central Bağlar district.

HPG (People's Defense Forces) Press Communications Center issued a written statement on yesterday’s extensive action on the Security Directorate Riot Unit and Anti-terror Unit building in Amed.

The HPG statement announced that the action was carried out as a result of preparations made professionally.

The statement pointed to the massacrist policies of AKP and MHP against the Kurds and said the action was carried out “in memory of the martyrs of Amed”. HPG said the guerrillas who carried out the action have reached their bases.

The HPG Press Center statement is as follows:

“Throughout the winter, the AKP-MHP coalition that aims to strengthen their system by putting forth the referendum to create a legal cover for their fascist system has increased their practices of intimidation through oppression, arrests, lay offs and other methods against our people, as well as the practices of isolation, oppression and torture in prisons more than any other period in the past. This fascist alliance said “In April, nobody will speak of the PKK anymore” and decided to achieve definitive results via imprisoning thousands of Kurdish politicians in extensive political genocide practices in Kurdistan and extensive winter operations against our guerrilla forces.

The determined resistance stance assumed by our people against this and the years of experience our guerrilla forces have has defeated the AKP-MHP coalition. Our people have shown that the fascist practices of the AKP-MHP regime has reached zero results in Newroz, while our guerrilla forces have proved that for all to see with the series of actions they carried out.


Most recently, on April 11 (yesterday) our guerrilla forces carried out an extensive action on the Security Directorate Riot Unit and Anti-terror Unit building in Amed/Bağlar. With the professionally made preparations, through underground tunnels 2540 kilos of explosives were placed beneath the building that houses 150 to 200 riot police units and their superiors at all times, and the explosives were detonated at 10.45 during working hours. Our action team successfully carried out their mission and they have returned unharmed to their bases.


This action was carried out in the memory of our comrades who fought heroically and were martyred in the operations carried out in the state of Amed during March, and as a warning against the methods of isolation, oppression and torture employed in prisons by the AKP-MHP coalition.

The professionalism and high level of success in this action has answered all psychological lies the AKP has told for the last two years, namely that they have dealt heavy blows to our movement. For that, the AKP government went into a panic immediately after the action and they first attempted to cover it up by saying “the Panzer exploded during maintenance”. The minister of interior himself made a statement on the incident, then Erdoğan called the governor and demanded that they keep the incident out of the press. This action shows their failure in the face of our movement, and they were worried that if it was reported on extensively in the press, it would void their propaganda of “we did everything, we succeeded in everything”. Thus they wanted to cover it up. But after the footage entered circulation via social media, this morning they devised another scenario where they had to admit that the action did in fact take place, but this time they obscured their heavy losses. It is apparent that the torture expert police suffered heavy losses in this action where ambulances went back and forth for hours. But due to reasons cited here, the AKP government is using all their might to dampen the great effect of the action, and thus prevent the effect it will have on society.

We announce to the public that we will share more detailed information on the definitive outcomes of the action as we receive them, and we would like to stress that no tyranny exacted upon our people will never be left unanswered, each and every one of them will be accounted for. We state that our forces who entered the spring with a high performance will develop the 2017 maneuver extensively and carry the revolutionary struggle against fascism to victory, fulfilling the responsibility of their role better than any other period in time."