HPG commander Baran calls on international bodies to investigate chemical weapons used by Turkey

HPG commander Dr. Bager Baran said that they do not have the necessary equipment to identify the chemical weapons used in Kurdistan. He called on delegations from the institutions concerned to investigate.

The Turkish army has used poison gas against the guerrillas hundreds of times in the past six months. There are recordings of the use of chemical weapons. On the corpses of fallen fighters, chemical burns and chemical burns can be found. A chemical investigation, however, is not possible with the means of the guerrillas. Therefore, Dr. Bager Baran, one of the commanders of the People's Defense Forces (HPG), demanded to send delegations of experts to the region to determine the chemical weapons used.

"Chemical weapons are tolerated if they are used against Kurds"

“Everyone knows that forbidden weapons are used against the guerrillas,” said commander Baran and added: “This situation, which would otherwise not be accepted by anyone or any state, is tolerated by the institutions and the states when it comes to Kurds. Our comrades did not fall by conventional weapons. The chemical weapons used are actually weapons that have been banned by all states. However, some states remain silent because they support the Turkish state.”

Commander Baran said that these weapons are mainly used against the guerrilla war tunnels. So the Turkish state tried to cover up its war crimes.

Chemical burns and chemical burns on fallen fighters

Commander Baran assured that he had seen the traces of chemical weapons on the bodies of fallen fighters with his own eyes and warned: “These chemical weapons represent a great risk not only for the guerrillas, but for all living beings. The gases used cause a lack of oxygen and suffocate all living things. It is difficult to determine which gases are used. For example, some of the gases cause nerves to be destroyed. We need the appropriate tools and a laboratory to identify which gases are used. The Turkish state knows that it is difficult to identify these prohibited weapons. If we had the resources and laboratories, we could figure out what chemical substances are being used. The weapons previously used against the guerrillas had other effects. We can see this in the corpses of the fallen. Chemical weapons have been used against the guerrillas before, but not with this frequency and high dosage. By doing this, it is clear that the Turkish state wants to achieve results at all costs and hide its defeat. Chemical weapons have a marked effect on the skin and the respiratory system. We find various traces on the bodies of our fallen friends. No living being loses its skin within two days. Chemical weapons not only prevent breathing, but also poison and burn the skin. We saw it with our eyes."

"We can help investigative delegations"

The HPG commander launched an appeal to international organizations: “We do not have the means to investigate chemical substances used in these weapons. But delegations can come and investigate. We can support such institutions and organizations in their investigation. Words are not enough to describe the effects of these gases, you have to come and see them. Because chemical weapons were used against war tunnels not just once, but dozens of times by the enemy. That is a clear sign of the anger of the Turkish state that is facing defeat."