HPG commander Egîd Civyan laid to rest in Gever

Guerrilla commander Egîd Civyan was laid to rest in his village in Gever. Only three family members were allowed to attend the funeral of the man who saved 150,000 Yazidis from the ISIS.

Guerrilla commander Egîd Civyan (Vahdettin Karay), who died on September 11 in resistance to a Turkish occupation operation in Van, has been laid to rest in his village Civyan (Güzeldere) in the Gever (Yüksekova) district of Hakkari. His body was taken from the forensic department in Van by relatives last night and transferred to the village. The village was sealed off before the burial by hundreds of soldiers. Only three family members were admitted to the funeral.

Egîd Civyan was a member of the HPG Command Council and most recently commander of the Botan region. In 2014, he led the guerrilla operation against the ISIS in Shengal (Sinjar) and thus made a decisive contribution to saving 150,000 Yazidis from genocide. He fought for 26 years in the mountains of Kurdistan and died together with guerrilla fighters Canfeda Goyî and Hebûn Girê Spî in a successful assault on the control center of a Turkish military operation in the countryside of Van province.