HPG Commander: Our only goal is victory

The goal against the attacks of the Turkish state is the ultimate victory, says the HPG commander Hogir Pet. For the unity of the Kurdish people each individual must make its contribution, he demands.

Kurdistan is witnessing a high-intensity war led by the Turkish state. In contrast, the Kurdish guerilla has developed a combat tactic that has gone from resistance to attack.

In an interview with ANF, the long standing HPG commander Hogir Pet has assessed the attacks of the Turkish army as well as the fighting style of the guerrillas. Pet first noted that the termination of the peace talks to resolve the Kurdish issue in 2015 launched a major wave of attacks on the Kurdish freedom movement, which -he said- ultimately targeted the entire Kurdish population. Although the Turkish military is technically superior and would continue to develop its weapons, the guerrillas continue to develop new tactics that bring the army to failure.

“Guerrilla tactics make the military run into the void”

When the Turkish state first deployed reconnaissance aircraft, the government intended to create the appearance that this could completely destroy the Kurdish guerrilla movement. "At the same time, the fighting style of the guerrillas has developed. The new tactics have made the entire technology of the Turkish military go nowhere. The resistance of the guerrilla achieves further successes with each new day. As soon as the enemy uses new war equipment, the guerrillas get the incentive to conquer the technology. The government is trying to motivate its soldiers for the war with such methods, but this concept cannot weaken us," says Pet.

“Guerrilla resistance will last until the end”

In the current phase, a fierce war is taking place, reports the HPG commander. Regarding the losses of the Turkish army to the guerrillas, he said: "Of course, we will continue to respond to the attacks of the enemy with actions. But especially in these days, the Turkish state is running an intensive anti-propaganda. Certainly, in a war of such high intensity, losses occur in our ranks, but not in the least as high as the losses of the enemy. In this war, the Turkish state has at least three times more losses than we. Once the government claims that the guerrillas are completely crushed, our motivation for success increases. Turkey can continue to spread untruths, according to which the Turkish army allegedly celebrates great triumphs over us. We do not see the need to prove that the opposite is the case, since the truth is obvious. The guerrillas will not let go of their resistance until they have reached the victory. The soldiers of the Turkish army have already failed against the guerrillas and will continue to do so".

“Everyone should be active for the achievements of the Kurdish people”

The Turkish army tries to lead the war with the help of collaborators. Without the participation of paramilitaries, the military would not be able to conduct operations, Pet says. "Any person with dignity should become aware of this hostile policy and, accordingly, stand up for the interests, achievements, and unity of the Kurdish people" Hogir Pet demands.

"The only stated goal of the guerrilla is to win in order to avenge the deaths of countless fallen fighters. "In the current phase, we are striving for nothing but winning. We are stronger than ever. The Turkish army may have intensified their attacks, but in terms of resistance, we find ourselves at a time when we are very persistent and feel deeply attached to the fight. Both our military and technical performance is better than ever. Our only duty is to exercise retribution for our fallen, the burnt forests of Kurdistan, and the attacks on our people."