HPG commander Serhed: Guerrillas have great motivation

HPG commander Rojger Serhed said that the guerrillas have great morale and motivation and maintain their psychological superiority.

HPG commander Rojger Serhed told ANF that Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan foiled the international conspiracy that, since 1999, targeted the entire Kurdish people. He foiled it with the new life paradigm he developed, said Serhed, adding that “the Kurdish people are an ancient people and that their country is rich with surface and underground resources. By protecting all these, Leader Öcalan revived a defeated people that was on the verge of extinction. He brought the hegemonic powers to account. With the new paradigm he created, he gave humanity hope for a new life. The enemy prevents people from reaching him because he knows how important his words are for the Kurdish and other peoples. Our leader and the Kurdish people did not disappear. On the contrary, they became stronger. The philosophy of our Leader has become universal."

Pointing out that there is a very heavy war going on in Medya Defense Areas, Commander Rojger Serhed said that the guerrillas have once again shown that they cannot be finished or defeated. Erdoğan says every day 'we will finish the guerrillas'. He hasn't been able to finish us for the last four years because he is finished.”

Great morale

Commander Serhed said that “all the actions carried out by the guerrillas are recorded. But despite that, the government continues to lie about its losses. The guerrilla's struggle is for the freedom of its Leader and its people. As guerrilla forces, we have great morale and motivation. We have the psychological advantage in this war. No one can deny this, because the ruins of the Turkish army are in plain sight. Whatever hill the guerrillas go to, they clear it of enemy forces. The latest actions are proof of this."