HPG commemorate martyrs of Mardin

The HPG disclose the identities of two martyrs fallen in Mardin. “Our comrades Baz and Kawa showed a legendary resistance without hesitating for a moment, and dealt a heavy blow to the colonial army.”

The HPG statement is as follows:

"In our statement dated 10 June, we shared with the public the information that our friends Baz and Kawa reached martyrdom during the operation carried out by the invading Turkish army on 4 March in Ömerli, province of Mardin.

The identity information of our friends who reach martyrdom is as follows:


     Code Name: Baz Mordem Tori

     Name Surname: Halil Yıldırım

     Birth Place: Batman

     Mother's-Father's Name: Hanife - Tahir

     Martyrdom Date and Place: 4 June 2020 / Mardin



     Code Name: Kawa Doğan

     Name Surname: Serkan Tutak

     Place of Birth: Mardin

     Mother's-Father's Name: Hasina - Abdulbaki

     Martyrdom Date and Place: 4 June 2020 / Mardin


The resistance of our comrades Baz and Kawa once again demonstrated the reality of a guerrilla who write legendary epics. The guerrillas of freedom will continue to protect the Kurdish people and the lands of Kurdistan under all circumstances, and will give the necessary response to the occupying forces following the path of our martyrs."