HPG discloses identities of two martyred guerrillas

The HPG disclosed the identity of two guerrillas who fell martyrs in Şırnak on 18 September 2019. "Our comrade Kandil and Tirej have led the way in the new era in the struggle for freedom with great determination until they reach martyrdom."

The HPG Press Center issued a written statement about two guerrillas who fell on 18 September 2019.

The statement reads: "In our statement dated 29 September 2019, we referred to an operation carried out by the invading Turkish army in Mezra Marinos (Kato Marinos) in the region of Şırnak on September 17. We had said then that two of our friends had fallen martyr. We can share now the identity information of the two fallen friends.

Nom de Guerre: Kandil Berxwedan
Name Surname: Müslüm Mahmud
Place of Birth: Kırmanşah
Mother's-Father's Name: Rewşen - Mahmut
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 18 September 2019 / Beytüşşebap

Nom de Guerre: Tirej Zagros
Name Surname: Ercan Taş
Place of Birth: Hakkari
Mother's-Father's Name: Fatma - Abdullah
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 18 September 2019 / Beytüşşebap

Our comrades Kandil and Tirej at a younger age had seen the genocide policies of the enemy against our people and decided to dedicate their life to the struggle. 

We wish our condolences to the patriotic people of Kurdistan, especially to the families of our comrades and promise to follow the path of struggle they have handed over to us."