HPG guerrillas: We will frustrate Turkey’s attacks with stronger actions

HPG guerrillas Andok Gabar and Rênas Cûdî said that the guerrilla put up an unprecedented resistance everywhere in 2013 and stated that they will frustrate the attacks of the Turkish state with stronger actions in the new period.

Internationalist guerrilla Andok Gabar from Germany and Arab guerrilla Rênas Cûdî spoke to ANF about the preparations of the guerrilla forces for the new period.

Stating that they are preparing uninterruptedly against the attacks of the Turkish state, Andok Gabar said, "The Turkish state is buying chemical and nuclear weapons with the support of Germany and NATO. In response to the fascism and attacks of this state, our comrades put forward an unprecedented resistance everywhere in 2023. We resist with great consciousness and faith. In 2024, we will reach a new level of success. I appeal to everyone in Germany who says ‘We have learned something from our history’; they should not close their eyes to these crimes against humanity, especially against the Kurdish people, and should take a decisive stance.”

HPG guerrilla Rênas Cûdî emphasised that they are preparing in many ways and stated the following: "We had a very good experience in the tunnel war. We will develop even more in the new period. The occupying Turkish state is attacking with banned weapons. We will frustrate these attacks with our preparations. We will continue the resistance raised by our comrades until we succeed."