HPG pays tribute to Commander Samet Içyer (Zerdeşt Navdar) who fell a martyr in Garzan

The HPG said in a statement that Samet Içyer (Zerdeşt Navdar) fell a martyr in Garzan on 14 June.

The HPG Press Center said that guerrilla Samet Içyer (Zerdeşt Navdar) fell a martyr in Garzan on 14 June. The statement said: “On 12 June, the invading Turkish army launched an operation in the Martyr Mizgîn area of Garzan province and this operation lasted until 15 June. During this operation, our comrade Zerdeşt Navdar, the valuable son and brave commander of the Garzan people, fell a martyr on 14 June.

The identity information of our comrade is as follows:

      Codename: Zerdeşt Navdar

      Name Surname: Samet Içyer

      Place of Birth: Adilcewaz

      Mother - Father Name: Nazê - Bekir

      Martyrdom Date and Place: 14 June 2021 / Garzan

Our comrade Zerdeşt was born in Adilcewaz, province of Bedlîs, in an environment full of the culture of resistance of the Kurdish people and in a patriotic family. He got his patriotic feelings at an early age as his family paid the price of joining the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle and gave martyrs. The guerrilla struggle carried out in the region where he grew up and the martyrs given by these lands deeply affected comrade Zerdeşt, who began his search.

Our comrade Zerdeşt, who continued this search after going to university, got to know the Apoist movement better and joined its youth section. He worked in the youth movement for a while, but witnessed the enemy oppression and persecution, was detained and arrested for a short time, and saw that there was no place for free Kurds in the Turkish state system. He understood that this fascist system could not be destroyed only through youth work and believed that a free life for the Kurdish people could only be achieved through armed guerrilla struggle. On this basis, he joined the ranks of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla in Amed Province in 2011.

In 2014, when ISIS and Turkish fascism collaboratively turned towards Kobanê and brutally attacked the Kurdish people, our comrade Zardeşt set off from Garzan and reached Kobanê and became one of the brave Apoist militants who said "stop" to this fascist attack. He participated in many actions in Kobanê, masterfully thwarted the ISIS attacks, was wounded twice, but he continued his struggle until he liberated Kobanê.

After duly fulfilling his historical duty, he moved to the Medya Defense Areas and studied at the military academy based on the lessons he learned from the Bakur guerrilla and the Kobanê Resistance. He was prepared for practice by further enlarging his assertiveness and determination, and took part in important tasks in Central Headquarters. He served as a member of the provincial command in the Gever region.

With the experience and strong concentration gained from practice and party training, he went to Garzan, the land of his birth, to practice the new era guerrilla line in Bakur Kurdistan as a competent Apoist commander. Our comrade Zerdeşt Navdar, fell a martyr in the bombardment that took place on 14 June.”