HPG pays tribute to guerrilla Şoreş Zêwkî

Guerrilla Şoreş Zêwkî was killed in November 2023 in the Serhad region of North Kurdistan. The HPG paid tribute to the fighter as an exemplary revolutionary of the Kurdish people.

Guerrilla Şoreş Zêwkî was killed in November 2023 in Serhad, said the HPG in a statement, adding that the traitor that led to his death was caught.

The HPG wrote: "Comrade Şoreş was a militant who decided to become a revolutionary for the freedom of our people and country and remained on this path unreservedly. He was a brave member of the Kurdish people who carried his struggle from revolutionary youth work through popular uprisings to the mountains of Kurdistan."

The HPG expressed its condolences to the family of the martyr, the Zêwkî tribe and the Kurdish people.

Code name: Şoreş Zêwkî

First and last name: Sercan Erkol

Place of birth: Van

Names of mother and father: Qumrî - Hesin

Date and place of death: 11 November 2023 / Serhad

Şoreş Zêwkî belonged to the Zêwkî tribe, a branch of the long-established Ertûşî tribe. Because the family's village was burned down by the Turkish state, he grew up in Van. In his family and social environment there was a well-founded awareness of Kurdish identity and a close connection to the freedom movement.

Therefore, Şoreş Zêwkî knew about the PKK as a child and admired the guerrillas who courageously opposed an enemy that destroyed the homeland of his family and thousands of others.

He did not go to school for long because he rejected the state education system as a tool for assimilating Kurdish children. Instead, he started working to help support his family. At the same time, he became active in the Kurdish youth movement and developed ideologically. When his sister Bêrîtan (Mercan Erkol) joined the guerrillas, his determination grew, and he devoted himself completely to the liberation struggle.

In 2013, he went to the mountains of Van and became a guerrilla. He stayed there for about a year and was trained by experienced fellow fighters. He then went to the Medya Defense Areas for in-depth training. As a now mature guerrilla, he went to the Kato area and was seriously injured in an enemy attack. He used his recovery time to reflect on his previous practice.

In 2017, his sister Bêrîtan was killed in Amed and his cousin Arnos (Abdullah Erkol) in Sîdekan.

Their deaths were a reason for him to fight even harder. After further training, he went back to Northern Kurdistan and most recently fought in the Serhad region.