HPG pays tribute to guerrilla Amara Ekin Ceren

Guerrilla Amara Ekin Ceren died in an accident in the Medya Defense Areas in October 2023. The HPG has published information about her identity.

Guerrilla Amara Ekin Ceren died in an accident in the Medya Defense Areas in October 2023. The People's Defense Forces (HPG) issued a statement to pay tribute to the fallen guerrilla of the Free Women’s Units (YJA Star), “an exemplary militant who has occupied an unforgettable place in the hearts of her comrades with her sincere and generous personality and her apoistic stance towards women's liberation ideology. The HPG expresses its deepest condolences to her family and the people of Kurdistan.”

The statement provided the following information about guerrilla Amara Ekin Ceren:

 Codename: Amara Ekin Ceren

 First and last name: Ajda Çetin

 Place of birth: Mûş

 Names of mother and father: Muhsine – Haki

 Date and place of death: 26-10-2023 Medya Defense Areas

Amara Ekin Ceren was born in a village in Mûş-Kop and grew up with the Kurdish culture of the Serhad region. She only went to school for a short time and managed to keep her identity despite the Turkish state's assimilation policy. From a young age, she worked in various jobs to help her family. The family was close to the Kurdish movement, therefore Amara knew about the PKK and the freedom guerrillas as a child. She also knew the Turkish state and the role assigned to women in society. Even as a young girl, she dreamed of joining the guerrillas in the mountains. She discussed this dream and her ideas of a free life with close relatives in her village.

In May 2014, she went to the guerrillas in the mountains of Erzîrom together with her relatives Sorxwîn Şiyar (Istek Çetin), Sara Bêrîtan (Zeynep Çetin) and Jînda Poyraz (Heves Çelik).

After a short stay in Erzurum (Erzîrom), Amara Ekin Ceren went to Amed for her first training, where she met very experienced guerrillas and was able to learn a lot from them. Because she was used to hard work and was very interested in all the details of guerrilla life, the change was not difficult for her. She dealt with Abdullah Öcalan's women's liberation ideology and quickly developed into a competent fighter for the YJA Star. When the Turkish state began to brutally implement its plan of annihilation against the Kurdish movement in 2015 and destroyed entire cities in northern Kurdistan, she vowed revenge. After about two years, she went back to Erzurum. Her relatives and comrades, with whom she went into the mountains, died in battle in 2017.

After a year spent in Erzurum, Amara went to the Garzan region and continued her fight. She took part in many actions against the enemy with courage and determination and was wounded in an attack in 2018. She went to the Medya Defense Areas in South Kurdistan in 2019 for medical treatment and ideological and military training. She spent a short time in Metîna and then at the “Şehîd Bêrîtan” military academy for women. She then trained new guerrillas herself.

With her willingness to help, her military experience and her militant attitude, she had a great influence on the development of her young fellow fighters. At the same time, she attached great importance to further developing herself. She was a teacher and a learner at the same time. Because of her sincerity and her commitment to the freedom struggle, she was given important and critical tasks that required great trust in her. She lived up to this trust and concentrated on successful implementation of all tasks. The HPG wrote in their obituary that Amara's death deeply affected their comrades.