HPG pays tribute to guerrillas Amanos and Amed

According to HPG, guerrillas Soro Amanos and Şiyar Amed died in Turkish attacks in the Medya Defense Areas in 2022.


The Press Center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) has published the names of two fallen guerrillas. According to the HPG statement, Soro Amanos and Şiyar Amed died in separate attacks carried out by the Turkish army in the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Areas in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) in 2022.

The HPG paid tribute to Soro and Şiyar, saying that they fought on the front lines against the occupation of Kurdistan and left an unforgettable legacy. The HPG expressed its condolences to the relatives of the martrys and the Kurdish people.

The HPG provided the following information about the identity and lives of the fallen guerrillas:

 Nom de Guerre: Soro Amanos

 First and last name: Müslüm Ürper

 Place of birth: Şirnak

 Names of mother and father: Halime – Emin

 Date and place of death: 10/6/2022 / Medya Defense Areas


 Nom de Guerre: Şiyar Amed

 First and last name: Mahsum Bozat

 Place of birth: Mersin

 Names of mother and father: Feride – Hacı

 Date and place of death: 30/6/2022 / Medya Defense Areas

Soro Amanos

Soro Amanos was born in Şirnak-Qilaban and belonged to the Goyî tribe. When he was a child, his village was burned down by the Turkish state. His family then moved to Istanbul, but kept its Kurdish culture.

As an adolescent, Soro became active in the revolutionary youth movement. In 2013, he joined the guerrillas to seek revenge for the massacres of the Kurdish people and those killed in the freedom movement, including his aunt Miskê, his uncle Xalit Goyî (Kutas Ürper) and his cousin Dijwar Goyî (Sami Piranoğlu).

Soro went to the mountains in the Mêrdîn region and received his initial training in guerrilla warfare. After a short practice in Mêrdîn, at his own persistent request, he crossed the border into Syria to defend the Rojava Revolution against Islamist attacks. He took part in the armed resistance and was one of the first groups that came to Shengal after the ISIS attack in August 2014 and saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Yazidis.

In Rojava he was wounded twice in battle. In 2015, he went to the mountains again and took part in a course at the “Şehîd Mehmed Goyî” academy in Zap. When the Turkish state launched a massive attack on the Kurdish freedom movement after unilaterally ending the so-called solution process, Soro resisted the military operations in Zap with great courage and was again wounded several times. In 2017, he joined the Hêzên Taybet, a special guerrilla unit that required ideological depth and an explicit willingness to make sacrifices. He underwent appropriate training and fought again in the Zap from 2021. On June 10, 2022, he was killed in an enemy attack in the Saca area.

Şiyar Amed

Şiyar Amed was born in Mersin to Kurdish parents. Even as a child, he dreamed of fighting for freedom and justice with the guerrillas in the mountains of Kurdistan.

As a student, he became active in the youth movement and put great energy into preventing the assimilation of young Kurds and making young people aware of the reality of the Turkish state. Because of his involvement, he was arrested and spent two years in prison. While in prison, he read the writings of Abdullah Öcalan and came to terms with his own personality. After his release, he continued his fight and went to the mountains in 2017.

Şiyar received his basic training as a guerrilla fighter in Zap. He also fought there in the following years. He specialized in modern guerrilla tactics and took part in numerous actions against the Turkish army. He then went to Avaşîn to confront the Turkish invading troops. As part of a mobile unit, he provided frontline resistance in the terrain and made a significant contribution to stopping the army's advance.

In addition to his military struggle, he was constantly concerned with ideological content. He was aware that militancy requires a holistic struggle. That's why he constantly educated himself and also included his companions in his findings. “Our comrade Şiyar joined the Caravan of the Martyrs on 30 June 2022 and left us an unforgettable combat legacy,” the HPG said.