HPG publishes three-month balance sheet of war

HPG published a three-month war balance. According to the report, guerrillas have carried out 398 actions since the beginning of the Turkish invasion of southern Kurdistan and 494 soldiers have been killed. 63 guerrillas have also fallen.

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) published a three-month balance sheet of war. According to the report, guerrillas have carried out a total of 398 actions as part of their "Cenga Xabûr" and "Bazên Zagrosê" offensives declared in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) in response to the Turkish invasion. At least 494 occupants have been killed. 63 guerrillas from the HPG and the YJA Star have fallen as martyrs.

In its balance sheet, HPG first reminded that today is the sixth anniversary of the beginning of the Decomposition Plan, the "total war" against the Kurdish people, their organizations and achievements; “It is the most comprehensive attack against the Kurds since the birth of the Turkish Republic and aims at total annihilation and thus genocide. The fact that the decomposition plan has been put into practice since July 24, 2015, the anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne, represents its purpose and the intention of the "war coalition" of AKP and MHP, which embodies the most bloodthirsty fascist clique in the history of the republic so far.”

The statement further included the following:

"As the first step of this comprehensive genocidal attack, the psychological war and torture against Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan) was raised to the highest level within the isolation system in Imrali. Immediately after that, the guerrillas were targeted as the hope of the Kurdish people; the attacks continued with attacks on the self-government of the people, their institutions and all dynamic structures. The special war coalition and its fascist leaders assumed that through these all-out and brutal attacks they could destroy the guerrillas, crush the Kurdish liberation movement and bring the people to their knees. Falling into a primitive dream and negligence, they gave the freedom movement only a few more years of survival and tried to convince the public of their wishful thinking by means of intensive psychological warfare. Today we stand at a point where the inner face of the fascist regime is revealed. This is the result of the incomparable resistance of Leader Apo on Imrali, the level of warfare of the guerrillas, the dignified attitude of our people who did not bend and never surrendered, and the persistent attitude of the friends of Kurdistan and the forces of democracy against the genocidal attacks of the Turkish state led by the fascist AKP/MHP clique that have been going on for six years. The regime has been exposed and has lost its legitimacy. It has been pushed into a process of collapse and is now fighting for its own survival.

That these results have not been easy to achieve is beyond doubt, it continues. It was a jointly fought and determined struggle between Abdullah Ocalan, the Kurds and their movement and the fascist state. "The Kurdish people have paid a high price, their most precious sons and daughters have selflessly joined the caravan of martyrs as the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla. It is a heroic march of freedom led by our martyrs. It became a great source of hope for all and testifies to the whole world the struggle of the Kurdish people and their companions for existence and liberation.

In this intense period of war, we have thwarted all enemy attacks and have preserved our positions and presence everywhere, first and foremost in northern Kurdistan. At the same time, our new-age combat tactics have reached a level that skillfully crosses sophisticated war technology, embodying the line of a guerrilla of democratic modernity. The realization of a victorious line, tactics and performance of the guerrilla, which is the hope of all the oppressed whose hearts beat for democracy and freedom, against the attacks of nation-state structures and international powers of capitalist modernity, has been the greatest achievement of this process.

The war achievements made by us as the People's Defense Forces of Kurdistan in the last three months in the revolutionary offensives of Cenga Xabûr and Bazên Zagrosê, the heroic stories that have been written and the degree of selflessness, tactical richness and intense actions stand in summary for the level of performance that we have reached after six years of the revolutionary people's war in the face of genocidal attacks. Believing that even more success and freedom are in store from now on, we declare that we are determined to continue our march for a free chairman and a free Kurdistan until victory."

Breakdown of the actions

On the breakdown of the actions carried out by guerrillas since the beginning of the Turkish occupation operation in Southern Kurdistan on April 23, the balance sheet stated:

- 2 ambush actions

- 10 infiltration actions

- 25 coordinated actions

- 39 damage actions

- 39 actions of air defense units

- 44 sniper actions

- 72 sabotage actions

- 79 actions with heavy weapons

- 88 offensive actions

A total of 398 guerrilla actions were thus carried out. In the course of these, 494 occupiers were killed and 62 others injured. During the same period, 63 members of the HPG and YJA star were killed. The record also shows that the Turkish army has so far carried out 67 attacks with chemical and/or prohibited weapons against the guerrillas' defense tunnels.

Damaged armaments of the Turkish army

- 2 military vehicles

- 3 construction vehicles

- 2 attack helicopters

- 6 drones

- 6 transport helicopters

Destroyed armaments of the Turkish army

- 1 armored personnel carrier

- 1 BMC armored personnel carrier

- 1 automatically operated tracked vehicle

- 2 military vehicles type Reo

- 2 ordinary vehicles

- 3 grenade launcher emplacements

- 5 artillery emplacements

- 1 military pavilion

- 1 military binocular telescope

- 6 military tents

- 2 metal detectors

- 3 drones

- 4 radars

- 2 military helmet cameras

- 24 surveillance cameras

- Several bullet-proof weapons, several tons of explosives and hundreds of positions

Confiscated armaments

-1 military radio system

-1 National infantry rifle (MPT)

- 1 grenade launcher

- 1 MG PK machine gun

- 1 B7 semi-automatic weapon

- 1 day binoculars

- 1 thermal binoculars

- 2 rifle binoculars

- 1 mine detector

- 1 drone

- 6 military backpacks

- Several hundred kilograms of explosives

- Soldiers' dog tags and other equipment.