HPG publishes balance sheet of war for April

The HPG Press Center published the balance sheet of war for April. While the guerrillas carried out 29 actions, 12 Turkish soldiers were killed and 1 Sikorsky helicopter was hit. The invaders attacked 12 times using chemical and banned weapons.


The HPG Press Center said on its war balance sheet for April that "the Kurdistan Freedom Guerilla entered the spring with the enthusiasm of Newroz and welcomed the month of April with the spirit of resistance."

The statement added: "The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, which continues its struggle with the Apoist sacrificial spirit everywhere, from Baku Kurdistan provinces to Medya Defense Areas, continued its resistance with the same determination in April."

The HPG said: "The invading Turkish army carried out operations in many areas in Bakur Kurdistan provinces in April, from Dêrsîm to Mêrdîn, from Botan to Colemêrg. However, none of these operations yielded any results, and the Bakur guerrilla had an advantageous start in the spring. Occupation attacks against Medya Defense Areas continued uninterruptedly in the form of air and ground bombardments. The colonialist, genocidal Turkish state attacked the guerrillas in Medya Defense Areas and made very intense negotiations and dirty deals in order to gain support for its invasion of South Kurdistan. The fact that the colonialist genocidal Turkish state sought so much support and made intense efforts before the invasion attack was an expression of the difficulty it experienced in the face of the resistance of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla and its acceptance that it could no longer achieve results on its own. Because now the occupying Turkish army and the state have clearly seen that they cannot achieve results alone against the tactical depth, technical level, superior performance of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla."

The HPG Press Center also said in its statement: "The occupying Turkish army launched an invasion operation against Metina on 16 April, silently and without any media coverage. It aimed at gradually settling in the area and progressing step by step with the support of the KDP. Although it initiated such an invasion attack, it did not announce it openly. The occupying Turkish army and the fascist special war media, on the one hand, hid from the public the fact that they had launched an invasion attack, and on the other hand, they spread lies claiming that our forces suffered losses almost every day. Our comrades Ararat Herekol, Berjîn Yılmaz and Zîn Zagros were martyred during the April resistance, and the detailed identity information of all three of our comrades was disclosed and shared with our patriotic people and the public.

The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas became more determined for the year's struggle, competent in tactics, and prepared themselves in every respect, gaining a great psychological advantage. Our forces, which started the year on this basis, will continue their struggle with the same determination to defeat the occupation plans of the colonialist, genocidal Turkish state."

The detailed battle balance sheet of the April struggle is as follows:


Air-strikes: 279

Helicopter Attacks: 30

Prohibited Explosive Attacks: 11

Explosive Drone Attacks: 9

Chemical Weapon Attacks: 1


Total Guerrilla Actions Carried out: 29


Number of Invaders Killed: 12

Number of Injured Invaders: 3


Position: 1

Radar System: 1

Mobesse Camera: 8

Projector: 1


MPT-55 Infantry Rifle: 1

Weapon Scope: 2

Headlamp: 1

Glasses: 1


Sikorsky Helicopter: 1