HPG releases balance sheet of war for the past 4 months

HPG Media Center released the balance sheet of war for the past 4 months.

HPG Media Center released the balance sheet of war for the past 4 months.

In its statement, HPG said that the fascist AKP government failed to break people’s resistance and was defeated in Şırnak and Nusaybin despite the ruthless state terror it employed in Sur, Cizre and other towns across Kurdistan as part of the Collapse Plan it has been implementing since July 24, 2015. HPG stated that the AKP government aimed to take advantage of winter conditions and inflict heavy blows on guerrilla forces, in addition to its savage attacks on the self-administration resistance in Kurdistan, but guerrillas’ high performance and experience enabled them to repel these attacks and respond appropriately through retaliation actions.

HPG Media Center noted that the fascist AKP government carried out several aerial and land operations across North Kurdistan, and aerial operations in Medya Defense Zones. HPG emphasized that its forces upset these attacks, kept themselves intact, and entered the spring with high morale and concentration. HPG recalled that its forces carried out several actions during the winter for the purposes of supporting urban resistance and retaliating the attacks of Turkish state forces.


HPG stated that the majority of guerrilla units turned in their status reports, and the following is the balance sheet of the war according to these field reports:

Turkish army’s land operations: 43

Aerial attacks: 183 (warplanes 157 – Cobra helicopters 26)

Shellings and tank attacks: 310

Aerial reconnaissance activities: 215

Clashes: 18

Guerrilla actions: 139

Confirmed enemy casualties (police-soldier): 390

Confirmed injured enemy forces: 198

Destroyed military vehicles: 20

Damaged helicopters: 7

Guerrillas martyred: 80

Guerrillas taken prisoner: 4